Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We get to meet Cheyenne

In their epic quest across the country by Ford, Michael, Layne and Cheyenne graced our presence last night.
What a Great Dog!
We were honored that their cross country route was through Kansas on a 100 degree day.
A meeting with the infamous Conchscooter of Key West Diary fame is not near complete without a picture of footwear.
More to come...........


  1. So did you finish the last of the wine after we left? Or did you decide to tell the world I am actually a cross dresser? They had the 700 club on the Tv in the hotel dining room this morning. Layne went all Jewish on me.

  2. Conch,
    That fine Oregon wine was finished before you left last night. There's just something wrong with letting what little was left go to waste, so I sacrificed myself for the good of the nation.
    Did you learn anything from your exposure to Christian TV?