Sunday, February 16, 2014

Another Pet Peeve: Turn Signals

Maybe I'm just feeling bitchy today, but am I right or not...?

The purpose of a turn signal is let let other people know what you intend to do. Right?

We all see people that don't use turn signals at all. Encountered a Miata that performed this stunt today. Thoroughly pisses me off! You?

Then there's another one I had just this morning. Someone in a Toyota Highlander makes a lane change into my lane right in front of me. I saw one flash of the turn signal (just one) and that was just before the person finished the lane change.

What's up with that? Huh?

What possible good does that do?

Ahh, nobody was really in any danger, but really, 

And I don't care if you are in a car, a truck, a motorcycle, a bicycle or in a space ship. You better be friggin' using that turn signal .....

So I don't have to 'guess' what the frack you are up to! 

There's enough other "stuff" out there on the roads to watch out for not to have to be messin' with trying to figure out what some other dolt is doing. 

Isn't that the point?

Comment me if I'm wrong.

And BTW, get off your damn cell phone while you are driving!

Man, I am bitchy today!

Ride On and Carpe Diem, my good, good friends!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fortitude on Two Wheels

This photo was on the from page of the paper today.

Ride On!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Won't do any good to complain

This time tomorrow there may be 8-10 inches if snow on the ground. Not that it's really any worse than it is now. For, you see, we've had ice on the ground for the last 3 days. Neither condition is conducive to much riding, like none at all.

Max is safely covered in the garage beneath the Jayhawk flag. Hasn't moved for almost a month now. Besides the snow and ice, it has just been very cold here. Now I don't mind cold weather generally. Temperatures in the 20's are tolerable for awhile. But we've had a lot of days colder than that recently and the forecast for the next week isn't particularly exciting for riding weather. 

So I remain mostly patient. Mostly. But the patience is wearing  a bit thin. Oh well, it can't last forever. At least Max is in the garage. That yellow Harley is outside and hasn't moved an inch. Wonder what it will look like with 10 inches of snow on it.

I'll keep reminding myself that patience is a virtue. 

Ride On and Carpe Diem, my good friends!