Sunday, December 21, 2014

Battery Assistance

I've never really used my battery tender in past years. The reason was because I usually rode thru the winter months. Oh, I might miss some days due to snow or extreme cold, but usually not more than 2 weeks or so.

But I'm not riding much at all right now. There are many reasons, but have also come to the realization that Max is now more of a recreational machine than a daily commuter. That's okay though. Its just that as circumstances have changed, the maintenance needs have also changed.

I had a Saturday task in the garage repairing a ballast in light fixture. I thought I would at least give Max a start and get his juices flowing a bit. It's been cold lately, but today wasn't bad, temps in the upper 40's, might even go for a short ride.

Upon turning the starter though, I heard of the very slow groan of a starter that wasn't being supplied with enough juice. Just barely turning over.

Oh well. Time to get out the battery tender.

The charger comes with a connection ton the battery that you can actually leave connected to the battery. The other end connects to another cable connected to the charger which is actually plugged in to an AC circuit.

The connection is very simple with only one small concern on my part. The battery in Max sits under the floor. Somehow the cable would have to "poke out" somewhere out of the floor.

But it turned out not to be a problem. Connections were accomplished and the red light on the charger showed that everything was working.

Sunday morning, the light turned green!


Ride on and Carpet Diem, my good friends.

And have a Happy Holidays while you are at it!