Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SIPDE for Walkers

There is much evil in the world.

As I was walking I approached the intersection of Central and Edgemoor. I SCANNED the situation noting where the stop lights were in their never ending cycle of traffic control. The light for me was green. I wasn't sure how long it had been green, but it looked like I could make it across the intersection, even if I had to jog a bit for the last few steps.

I was walking to the west. There were 3 lanes of traffic to the south where vehicles were stopped at the light. I would have to cross in front of these vehicles as I crossed the intersection. The first two lanes were occupied by SUV's that were a little hard to see around. The third lane appeaered to be empty, but I IDENTIFIED a car approaching the intersection in that lane.

I PREDICTED that the person driving the approaching car might have trouble seeing me because of the SUV's. Sure enough, the person in the car continued toward the intersection a little faster than necessary and the driver was not looking my way.

I then made the DECISION to stop walking immediately.

So I EXECUTED my decision and stopped in front of the SUV just next to the lane with the approaching car.

The driver barely looked up at me as she sped by. I noticed she had a cell phone in her hand.

SIPDE works for walkers, too.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Seen While Walking To The Bus Stop and Other Trivial 'Stuff'

I am still doing a lot of walking these days, but now with Autumn temperatures descending upon us, the color of the trees has been nice to look at. This tree is on the way to the bus stop fom my home. I just liked the colors.

And these two little scotties are a regular sight for me on the way to the bus stop. A nice man walks them 4 times a day, so he says. I see them about once a week or so. They are extremely friendly and give me a good sniff every time I see them.

We had some freezing temeratures lately so we picked the last of the peppers and pulled up the plants. We'll probably cook them in the smoker and freeze them so we can use them throughout the winter. We did that last year, too. This year's plants really suffered through the heat we had, and when the temperatures dropped a bit, they really started to produce. It was a very short growing season. Maybe better next year.

Our illustrous governor wants to emiminate the state income tax around here. Sounds good, but I don't think there is much of a plan to replace the revenue with anything that makes much sense. It will probably be a higher sales tax or maybe they will pass the obligations to more local taxing districts such as counties and cities.

At any rate, our governor has said that our tax structure should be a lot more like Texas, in fact some say he wants us to be a lot more like Texas in every respect. Well, I am not so sure that is a good idea. In Texas,  large corporations are treated with lots of preferences, maybe with more rights than even people have.

Then again, there are some certainites in life, like Google.

Google is now a verb, dontcha know.

Have you Googled yourself lately?