Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Parking Nazi

In order not to run afoul of the infamous Parking Nazi at the lot we park at in downtown Wichita, I went over to the office to ask for a sticker for Max. You see, a few months ago, the parking lot was sold and the new owners became very adamant about everybody displaying a sticker on the inside of their windshields so that any parking attendant could walk through the  lot and make sure everybody was valid. Kind of like our present state attorney general, we don't want any illegals parking in our damn lot.

Well, you see, I had a sticker for Monty (the famous Canadian Subaru), but not for Max. I came to the office prepared to do battle and get that precious little sticker for Max. Would they understand? Would I have to show them a cancelled check and proper ID?

I feared the Nazi!

But, alas, my fear was totally unwarranted. He just said, "Here You Go!"

And I was really prepared to fight.

Then the next problem was "where was I going to put the silly sticker?" I don't exactly have a windshield, and what is there is very dark. Nobody will ever see that sticker if the Parking Nazi comes by. So you now see what I did, upside down and backwards on a reflector.

Who cares!  Let 'em sue me!

I actually took the Subaru to work first thing in the morning. I had a dental appointment at 11:00 am and wasn't sure how good I'd feel after the appointment, but knew that if I felt better later, I could still get Max out later in the day.

Which I did!

Max hasn't been downtown in over a year. Oh, I'd ridden him around a little bit here and there, but in very light traffic and circumstances, and only for a very few miles.

I forgot how much attention it takes to ride a two wheeled vehicle on busy streets with everybody seemingly trying to "Get Ya". Oh, it wasn't that bad, but the ride was a reminder to remember SIPDE and other ways of being safe.

My mouth is sore as hell!

But the ride downtown sure was nice. I'm looking forward to the ride home.

1 comment:

  1. So...
    is your mouth sore from the dental procedure,

    is it from gritting your teeth as you careened through downtown dodging all those in coming?

    is it from the yelling at inattentive and and out to "Get Ya" drivers?

    Just Curious.

    Glad Max made it Downtown and that he is not an illegal. We had to put our parking sticker on the left fork. This was much easier on my Symba than it was on my scoot.