Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Do I Have To? or Do I Want to?

Walking, that is.......

Let me explain:

On Feburary 7 I will be allowed to drive a motor vehicle. (Auto or Scooter). I have just spent a year not being allowed to drive due to a medical reason.

Part of me really wants to drive again, especially the scooter (I could care less about the car).

Part of me really doesn't care to drive an automobile ever again. Seriously!

Back to the walking.

This little medical restriction I had has really had an effect on me. Okay, the heart attack was one thing. But I seem to be doing fine, Hell maybe much better than I was before.

But not being able to drive forces one to find other ways of getting around, and for me it was primarily walking.

And walking and walking, etc etc etc

I rode a bicycle a little bit, maybe 150 miles or so this past year. I caught a lot of rides with other people. I rode the bus almost every day to work.

But I had to walk to get to the bus, at least half a mile. I played little tricks with myself. If I was early to the bus, I'd just walk to the next bus stop. It's not uncommon for me to walk 1.5 miles, today I did 2 miles. On numerous days I took a walk at lunchtime. And in the evenings there were walks with the dogs.

I have averaged almost 2 miles a day for the last 6 months. I know because I kept track of it with an app on my cell phone that uses the GPS device in the phone. I'm not bragging, it's just what happened.

So, Here's the thing.

Walking has been really good for me, both physically and mentally. I have come to really appreciate the morning walks.

So even though my driving restriction is being lifted soon, I'm not planning to go back completely to my old ways. I'm still gonna walk. I won't "have" to walk anymore, I just "want" to.

Buy I'm also going to ride Max!

The poor Canadian Subaru will continue to be relegated to being the vehicle of choice for longer trips and bad weather. Max will be ridden more than the car will be driven, but probably not every day. I'm thinking every other day. I'll alternate with walking the other days.

That's the plan!


  1. bravo! be well and do what feels good!

  2. Well, good for you. Keep on walking, and get on with the riding! All the best!

  3. Hey everybody,
    Thanks for stopping by. Maybe soon I'll have a little more 2 wheeled content in this here blog of mine.


  4. And, don't forget the walking content. You can see things riding a scooter that seem to simply pass by when in a car. Likewise, the walking world reveals its own secrets . . . if you're looking. I have trouble imagining you not looking.

    Hooray, for the release.

  5. Keith,
    Just for you I promise to include a little walking content from time to time. You are right about keeping the old eyes open. There's lots to see in the world if you just look.

  6. I, for one, would encourage you to keep walking as much as you can. It's how I attempt to retain my sanity. It is also a great opportunity to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. I started walking a lot around 6 years ago and I think I could've walked across the country and back over the years. Haven't lost much weight but I think that I might be in a bit better shape.

  7. Richard,
    One of my clients, an MD, said that there is almost no downside to walking. People almost never hurt themselves, and the health benefits, while not maybe quickly enormous, are always in a positive direction. My little phone app shows I have walked over 300 miles in the last 6 months or so. The differences in my health are not stunning, but I feel them and they are legitimate.
    Maybe Max will end up being a little more of a touring machine than a commuting machine. I definitely want to make a way for walking and riding to work out. It's the driving I care much less about.


  8. Dear Jimbo:

    The solution is to park the bike a mile from the house each day. That will require you to cover a mile to mount up, and a mile to dismount every day. You might even want to look into a skate board to get the benefit of more exercise, plus some speed.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  9. Jack, you mazy be on to something there. Let me work on that a bit. Thanks!