Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blacktop Nationals; The Cars

The first Annual car truck and motorcycle show consisted more of autos than anything else. What few motorcycles I found were on my previous post. This post is dedicated to the automobiles. And this post contains pictures only of what I considered more to be the unusual automobiles. There were lots of Camaros and GTO's and 1960's era muscle cars. There were some nice ones, but I wanted to concentrate on more unusual cars. The next three Vettes are for Bobskoot because I know he has a red one.
The first red Vette The second one
And the third, a very nice '57 (?)
The show had its fair share of modified roadsters
I lked the hood lettering on this one.
Then there was this Crown Vic. Not factory colors obviously, but certainly unique and interesting.
My son really liked this truck. I did too.
Part of the underneath frame was made of wood.
Another pretty nice old sports car. I can't recall for sure what it is.
Sort of a Halloween theme to this roadster.
This one is called a Henry J. Not sure I had ever seen one. It was up for auction. Not sure what the fate of it was.
I always thought these E type Jaguars were pretty neat.
An MG looking into the cab.
And from the front.
I believe this was an Alf Romeo. I thought the gear shift placement was a bit unique.
A colorful Nomad station wagon. Very unique way of opening up the tailgate.
I know, not a lot of motorcycles, but there were some interesting cars.
Probably the silliest car, to me, at the show was a 1971 Ford Pinto station wagon. Truth be known, I owned a 1972 Pinto wagon for awhile when I was in college. It was dependable but exceedingly unexciting. My son took a picture of me near the Pinto, but I looked like such a dork in the picture, I decided not to post it. My gain, your loss.


  1. When it comes to transportation I have always been rather into "dependable but exceedingly unexciting." However, there were two TV series that were very special to me growing up. One was "Route 66" with its Corvette. I imagined it was red like the one above, although it was a later model. The other was "Then Came Bronson." The Inaugural Blacktop Nationals managed to cover both those bases.

  2. cpa3485/jimbo: thank you for the nogalgic look at the past. I remember when these cars were on the street NEW. That black "I don't know what it was" is a Cobra. I also used to have two Alfa Romeos: Veloce GTV and Guilia Spyder. I've also had a couple of MGB's. I've always loved convertibles and sports cars.

    I have always thought that you were a dork so a photo with the Pinto Wagon would not seem out of place here. I like the look of the Wagon, but not the fastback model as much. Besides, I don't know what a dork looks like. I often wonder if dorks own K75's and live in PA too.

    I also like unusual cars or mechanicals. I recently spotted an RX7 with a modern Corvette engine stuffed in the engine compartment. Also there is a Triumph TR4 with a mustang 5.0 Litre V-8. some people have a lot of money and time on their hands, unlike accountants

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. Uh, Jimbo, that's not a Henry J... it's a Nash Ambassador. The Henry J was much smaller, the first "compact" car of the postwar era. The Nash was the first American Motors product to feature reclining front seats, something makeout artists of the era highly prized...

    Scootin' Old Skool