Monday, December 28, 2009

Decisions Regarding Snow

We don't get a White Christmas very often. When we do, it can be very special. This year we did get some snow on Christmas eve. Just a couple of inches, but it was accompanied by very strong winds and very cold temperatures. There were some drifts of 8 inches or more and places where the snow didn't even cover the ground or streets because it just blew somewhere else. It did however make for a nice scene on Christmas day. As I left for work on Monday I was faced with our street looking like this. Not a good day to ride, no matter how badly I wanted to.
The main streets were relatively clear, but even after a couple of days there were patches of ice and snow on the main streets.
Max was again forced to spend another day (or two) in the garage. He is not happy about it.
So even though the weather conditions do not make it good for riding, there are other alternatives.
Mom in her fuzzy Crocs, I in my slippers, curled up in a blanket, fireplace going and watching a movie on the television.
Things could be worse.
On Christmas day, this varmint appeared. More to come on this development.
Crocs in Kansas?


  1. Varmints, what an accurate Label. Pink crocs invade Kansas, surely they are worse than those pesky Missourians? GAW

  2. cpa3485:

    WOW, Crocs invade Kansas ! Looks like you got the mini variety, you will need 5, one for each extremity.

    or, a Pink spray Bomb

    Happy new year

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. The fuzzy crocs would probably not work so well on the beach with all the water and sand though I am willing to try anything. I like the ball and chain variation though on the lone pink croc. Keep you in your place.

  4. Art,
    The infestation has begun. It is maybe not as bad as people invading from the "Show Me" state, but very threatening to our way of life nonetheless, LOL.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  5. Bobskoot,
    Happy New Year to you, too.
    Be assured, there will be more about this little critter.

  6. Conch,
    He seems to show up everywhere, but somehow I don't mind him following me around.

  7. You know, there looked to be plenty of room between snowy areas for a little scooter! :)

    I'm just jealous because we don't have snow. Only freezing fog. No pink crocs, either.

  8. Dear CPA3485:

    This business with the pink crocs is getting very serious. Now they apparently come in key chain sizes, appropriate for ones fingertips.

    There are times when discretion is the better part of valor. I think you did well to leave the scooter parked on the snowy days. I am faced with a bit of a dilemma. Snow and rain is predicted for Saturday night, and our club's first social event for 2010 is scheduled for Sunday. While everything is bone dry at the moment, pockets of ice are likely to be around on Sunday. As much as I would like to ride my bike to this event, I think I will end up taking the truck.

    It looks like things are going well in your neighborhood.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  9. Dan,
    We had another inch of very wet snow last night. I drove again rather than ride, but I spied a "dude" on a sport bike riding this morning. He was travelling very slow, but looked like he knew what he was doing.
    I think I am just getting a bit spoiled with the Canadian Subaru with the heated seats.
    Then again, I would much rather ride.
    And BTW, freezing fog just has to be pretty gnarly. I think I would definately avoid that.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  10. Jack,
    The infestation of crocs has turned out to be very serious, but also am discovering that there does not appear to be a big menace.
    Will keep everybody posted, (particularly on Jan 10)
    Take care and have a great new year, either riding or driving.

  11. Hmm, I have to wonder if that cute little mini-croc just might have made its way across the border from the more liberal country to the north. Looking forward to all being revealed -:)

  12. Chuck,
    There sure seems to be some sort of Croc conspiracy that has even made it's way to Kansas. Is no place safe from those varmints. The conspiracy theorist in me suspects that Bobskoot is involved. January 10th is the scheduled update.
    Thanks for visiting. I have been spending more time at your blog recently and enjoy it very much.