Friday, October 9, 2009


Future Potential Son In Law
He hasn't come begging me for my daughter's hand in marriage yet. But I overheard my daughter introduce him to somebody as her fiance. And well, they are living together. What are you going to do?
We were listening to "Click and Clack" the other day, you know, the car repair radio show on NPR. They played a song and some of the lyrics went like this:
I love you Honey!
I love your money!
But I really love your automobile!
It was a real catchy tune. As mom and I were listening to this song we wondered if part of the reason my daughter liked FPSIL so much was because of his car. At the starting line!
His car is a Subaru WRX. It is quite the vehicle and he has modified it a little bit so it will really scoot along. (Pun Intended) He originally bought the car from a guy in Kansas City with about 60,000 miles on it and it had recently had the timing belt replaced according to the seller. Looked like a great deal, but a couple of months after the purchase, you guessed it, the timing belt broke, most of the valves in the engine were bent and the engine was destroyed. Turned out the guy in KC had used a timing belt he bought from E-Bay, some off brand that was not a genuine Subaru belt. FPSIL was pissed, I would have been too. Undaunted, FPSIL, located another engine from a wrecked car somewhere in the boonies of Oklahoma, and he and some friends installed it an he was up and running again. Got to give him credit for his determination. Now you all have seen that my photography isn't the greatest compared to many of my blogger friends. One thing I have trouble with on a digital camera is the delay when you press the shutter. I am getting better hopefully, but on this day I got shots of the action in two different pictures. The back half of the car, lots of dust!

I told him that he was just going way too fast for my feeble abilities as a photographer!

The front half of the car FPSIL even has a laptop computer which he can connect to the engine computer and he occasionally changes the settings on the engine computer for performance purposes. Pretty damn sophisticated If you ask me.

One of their hobbies is to attend auto rallies and even participate in them. Mom and I attended one recently in Hutchinson, Kansas and took some pictures and generally reveled in the atmosphere of people driving the hell out of their cars.

How about those red wheels!

At this rally they set up some cones and created a course for the cars to maneuver through. It was located on a large vacant lot, mostly dirt and grass. Each trip through the course takes 90 to 105 seconds and each car is timed through the course. There are time penalties for missing parts of the course and for hitting cones.

A Dodge Neon

FPSIL hit a few cones and didn't win, but said that it was just so much fun to spin wheels, churn up dust and generally have a good time doing it.

Drivers and passengers, If any, are required to wear helmets. My daughter rode with him at least once. Each driver gets to attempt the course 5 times. Safety is emphasized.

A Turbo Subaru Forester. I believe that Jack (Toad)Riepe's main squeeze, Leslie, has a car like this. This is a really nice car.

There was an amazing collection of cars. One big Chevy pickup, a Volkswagon Golf, a rather large Mercury sedan, a Ford Edge, and many others. There were a number of Subarus. AWD is a plus at these events.

Some of the drivers were complaining that the pickup truck really dug up ruts in some of the corners. Maybe so. Another Subaru WRX

Later on we spied a Ford Escort going around the course. In one turn he ended up like this!

Was it the Ruts from the pickup? Can we get a ruling on that one?

Nobody hurt! The driver climbed out the driver's window. Didn't see how the passenger got out, but he was fine too. It was sort of surreal watching him tip up on the side, like it was happening in slow motion. Lots of testosterone studying the situation out there on the course!

Finally it was apparently decided to execute the big Heave Ho!

One slightly damaged Ford Escort being towed off the course.
At the side of the course, checking out the damage.
Does that guy look a little bit like that Carrot Top Guy?
Inside the Ford Escort. Note the roll cage, and how about that gnarly gear shift knob!
All in all it was a fun way to spend a few hours. I had never been to one of these rallies before.
BTW, FPSIL's name is Tyler, and he is a pretty good guy.
When it comes to my daughter, he better be!
At least he drives a Subaru!
And finally........................


  1. one of my former co-workers has race-modified an Eagle Talon to do drag racing...damn thing can move!

  2. cpa3485:

    that white subaru is an STI, a higher model of the WRX. It's basically a race prepared factory produced vehicle.

    You don't mention which camera you have. Can you focus manually ? That would eliminate the shutter lag

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. Jim, I am glad the FPSIL has good taste; 1) in recognizing the fine qualities of your family through your daughter, and 2) for a Subaru. The WRX is one of those cars on my wish list, but first is probably the SVX.

  4. Dear CPA3485 (Jimbo):

    I have learned to keep my mouth shut sometimes. The Suburu Stiffie has is a full-time 4x4 with an incredible turbo. It blew the doors off her Audi A4. But it gets 20.7 miles to a gallon. My Suburban gets 19 miles to the gallon on the highway. Ask me if I'd rather ride in a little SUV witrh my balls in my shirt pocket, or stretch ou in a Suburban, at the expense of a mile per gallon?

    These road rallies look like great fun. Are there scooter rallies?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  5. My spouse does rallies with his Audi S4 or S5--I forget which model he has. He enjoys these times on the track. But they are a lot tamer than the one you've written about. This reminds me of motorcycle track day! Nice way to check out the fiance too.

  6. Charlie 6,
    Didn't see any Eagle Talons on this day, but you are right, they can move. Back in my younger days the rave was all muscle cars, Impalas, Mustangs, GTO's, etc. It's nice to see small cars get some attention as well. There was even a Toyota Yaris.
    Thanks for stoppin' in.

  7. Bobskoot,
    You are right, that was an STI. Pretty fierce vehicle. Maybe you should bring your WRX and your 'Vette next time. I'd race you on my scooter, LOL.
    I just have a Canon Sure Shot and it's a few years old. I lost interest in photography for awhile and after starting my blog I am trying to recapture the effort at making better pictures. I think I will make steady improvement, but photography is really not one of my high interests. Unlike you, who continue to take graet pictures.
    Thanks for popping in,

  8. Lance,
    I would think it might be hard to find an SVX these days, but keep looking. The WRX is a pretty amazing little vehicle. Was a fun family type of day.

  9. Toady,
    I can imagine that fitting in a Forester as opposed to a Suburban can be a challenge. Subaru doesn't make big cars, but we sure have liked the ones we have had. We don't really need AWD around here that often, but it's nice to have when you need it. There are Gazillions of Subarus in Colorado, just ask Charlie6.

  10. Sharon,
    Those Audi's are pretty nice as well and I am sure would do well at one of these rallies. Last year they went to Missouri for a rally and did it in snow. It's apparently rain or shine at these events.
    Thanks for stopping by,