Friday, July 31, 2009

Personal Service

Something that is sometimes lacking these days.
I went to get my oil changed a few days ago. I could easily do it myself, but prefer to have the dealer do it. He has become a good friend and charges a very reasonable amount for his work. Plus, he knows the workings of my scooter inside and out. He also checks out the brakes, condition of the tires and the stability of the front fork, just to let me know how the scooter is holding up. He knows how often I ride and that I rely on my scooter as my primary means of transportation.
He recently moved his store. At his old location I was able to drop off my scooter, walk to my office and walk back later in the day to pick it up. His new location is a little further away from the office so walking in to work is not a very good option.
I should have called first, but I just dropped by his store at 8:00 one morning. I just wanted to see If maybe I could leave the scooter and see if he could give me a ride to the office. If not, I could easily make other arrangements for a ride to work on another day.
He said he didn't want to drive me in to work that morning because he was waiting on a delivery for a part needed for an engine he was overhauling. Then he got a sort of funny look on his face and looked around the room for a scooter he said he might loan me for the day. I said that wasn't necessary and that I could bring the scooter back the next day and have a coworker or my wife pick me up.
Then he just asked me If I had a few minutes and said he would do it right then if I had some time. I didn't have any pressing engagements at the office that morning, so he went ahead and did it right then and there.
We had a good chat while he worked and he finished it up quickly and still made sure to check out other parts of the scooter. He let me know that my front brake pads were showing a little wear, but still had plenty of pad left for now, just something to keep an eye on.
I was back to the office well before 9:00. I felt good about the fact that I had been treated kindly and professionally when in fact I probably imposed on him a little bit by just showing up at his place unannounced that morning.
I also chatted with Flo, from Progressive Insurance, that morning. She said she could make me a Hulluva Deal on scooter insurance. I said thanks, but no thanks, I am already covered. I had just renewed for another year with another company. But she is cute as a button and nice to talk to. We fist pumped each other, just like she does on TV.
I was impressed with Lloyd the first time I met him when I was shopping for my scooter. He knows his stuff. He has always been courteous and I have never seen him use any kind of high pressure sales tactics.
I came back to the office feeling that I needed to remember to try and always treat my clients in the same manner. Good long term relationships always develop from that kind of interaction.
Thanks Lloyd for being such a good friend. Its a pleasure to do busines with you. I appreciate it very much.
Lloyd Beynon "A Wheeled World" Wichita, Kansas
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  1. Great post Jim! There are companies with great service out there - sometimes they are a bit hard to find, but you have found one with Lloyd. Many may not be large, and may not have a full array of services, but going the extra mile, as he did for you, goes such a long way.

    I like Flo too!

  2. This was such a good upbeat post to read...Great to know there are some real good people out there...!

  3. I would have to agree with you about Lloyd. He really understands customer service. He always tries to meet your expectation or exceed it. Do not find that kind of service much any more unless you have tons of money which as a scooter owner not a part of the equation.

  4. Hmmmmmm. I have Progressive Insurance on my scooter, but Traveler's on the house and cars. Progressive had the best deal my independent agent could find for me. As for Flo - a little too perky for me. Disturbingly so.


  5. I totally agree with you about the benefits and joys of having a great dealer/service. I have one in Chicago, Motoworks and I try to send friends there. I am, however, extremely disappointed with the BMW service I've received on the new bike and am looking for a place to go for warranty work. I now know what a good shop does and I refuse to take any form of disrespect. It definitely restores one faith in humankind when service is delivered in a thoughtful and kind manner.

  6. cpa3485:

    Jim, I agree with you that the dealer is the most important. You are lucky to have found "him" . So many riders scrutinize magazines and on-line for the best purchase based upon technical specifications, then purchase a machine which cannot be fixed in a timely manner

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin