Monday, July 13, 2009

Downtown Artwork; Part 2; Douglas Avenue

This post covers the artwork along some of the major downtown streets here in Wichita. I took a walk over lunchtime around the area and took these pictures with the BlackBerry. I think you will find some of these pictures interesting to say the least. I think a few are somewhat humorous, and a couple of others just plain wierd. Lets get started. This statue is at the intersection of Main and Douglas, the major downtown intersection here in Wichita. It's a barefoot man reading the paper. Do not ask why, just enjoy.
There are little fountains at his feet. Today they seem a bit anemic.
This one is supposed to represent the promise of America. A man and his pack entering the promised land. Next to him is an eagle, surely representing the symbolism of all that America can be.
Then we come acroos this cow, and her calf doing something. The calf appears to be smelling something.
Could it be TURDS! CowPies?
From another angle.
But upon closer inspection......... It's some sort of birds.
Here's a little girl reading a book.
And another girl with a cat.
Then a boy with a toy car. I used to have one just about like that when I was a kid.
There is a little park downtown where on nice days people can eat their lunch. This series of statues resides in this park.
A little closer view. I can imagine Jack Riepe ordering a Rum and Coke here.
At the next block down, this lady pointing at something with her daughter. I can certify that there is nothing interesting where she is pointing. But we seemed to have some general interest in this statue from a couple of small children.
Across the street from that is a girl with a pony and a dog.
One of my favorites is this "Guitar Man" playing for another dog.
I like it so much, you get a second view.
But then you might peruse that we go from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Yes, you get it. It's a horse. (I think) And it's made out of old automobile bumpers.
Don't think I could end this post in a better way, do you? (answer not required)


  1. The sculptures are great! Thanks for sharing them with us here, Jim.

    Hmmmm. A horse made out of auto bumpers. What do you suppose they'd make out of old scooters?

    I don't know if I concur with, "Jack Riepe ordering a Rum and Coke here." Looks more like a soda fountain than what might be Jack's watering hole.

  2. Joe,
    Regarding the soda fountain. It was a pretty hot and sunny day when I took the pics. A rum and coke actually sounded good to me at the time. Maybe I was dreaming a bit when I wrote the post.
    Take Care,

  3. Great art! I love the guitar man - the dog is audience enough for him!