Friday, June 7, 2013

It's Art Dammit! Enjoy It!

What passes for public artwork sometimes surprises me. Sometimes I like it, like this Black Bear Bosun statue known locally as "The Keeper of the Plains" near downtown on the river.

The local Riverfest has been occurring this week. On Thursday night a favorite local event known as the "Cajun Food Fest" was held. This volunteer was undergoing the transformation from an older gentleman to a crustacean.

Then some assistance with the headgear...

Then help with the gloves, or is it claws...

Then the ceremonial sunglasses...

And finally the end result...

What a way to earn a living! Oh, I forgot, he's a volunteer.

We are getting ready to move our office to a place in a converted old warehouse district.

The landlord is doing some remodeling for us. Eventually this room will be my office...

And then some more artwork. This one is hard to explain and maybe typifies the title of this post. You, the gentle reader, may have a different opinion.

And finally this....


Ride On, and Carpe Diem, My Friends!


  1. Jimbo/cpa3485:

    Finally, an office large enough to park your scooter. Congrats on your impending move, but I thought you were going to retire ?

    are you closer or farther away than before. Do you have a private entrance, how about the executive washroom ?

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. BobSkoot,
    The scooter will get a new parking spot, indoors again, at a hotel parking garage nearby. For Free!
    And no, retirement is not an option for awhile unless I get really sick again, which isn't happening. I've got 10-15 years before I retire, maybe part timing it a bit after that.
    You getting excited about your trip? (I imagine you are)


  3. I like the old warehouses being converted into office buildings. For several years I worked in an old converted warehouse. It was cold in winter sadly but I loved the old floors and exposed pipes.

    1. Robert, we are pretty excited for the move. This warehouse district is not far from where we are now, but much more dynamic. These old buildings have been converted into condos, restaurants, bars and even a movie theatre.

      And thanks for visiting, I've been admiring your site for some time.