Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bruiser Takes on a "Rail Trail"

On a recent Sunday morning Bruiser (my old mountain bike) and I went for a ride. I am able to connect to an old railroad line not too far from my home. I rode out east of town on city streets, but came back toward home on this rail trail. I have yet to see how far the trail goes east of town, but know it goes at least for a few miles. Where the rail line enters Wichita, the city planners have been making improvements and even paving parts of the line, but it isn't all finished yet.

This is the first time I have posted a bicycle video to the blog, but not the first time I have taken a video with the possible intention of posting it. Last year I took a number of videos from my bicycle, but never posted them and eventually deleted them. I would hold the phone in my hand and ride and talk about silly little stuff. Yeah, you ought to be scared about listening to someone talking to themselves, and most of those old videos were pretty bad.

Well, this one is probably not much better, but at least the length is manageable. Uploaded from iPhone to YouTube and then linked from the blog. We'll eventually see how this actually works.

Ride On and Carpe Diem, my friends,




  1. Good man. Panting enough that you made your heart work. Which is the point I think? (ps try dumping the word salad for a bit and see how well blogger filters the spam?)

  2. Michael,
    It's slow going on that path. With the rocks and such you can't get up too much speed so "panting" can't get too excessive. It's one of those paths that goes very close to where I want to go sometimes, but it's so rough that lots of times I end up taking separate ways.


  3. cpa3485:

    the "panting" was also making me gasp for breath. I'm glad you managed to get to the next intersection before I ran out of steam

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  4. Dear CPA3485 (Jimbo):

    I appear in a video and I too am panting. It has nothing to do with a bicycle.

    Great looking new blog site.

    Thanks for ordering a copy of my new book!

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads