Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yielding to Patriotic Ducks

Sometimes its the little things you see when you are out riding that you remember.

Just this morning I saw a woman walking about 4 small somewhat unruly dogs on leashes encounter a guy on a skateboard. You can imagine what was to happen. The small dogs were ineffective, but attempted to attack the guy on the skateboard while the woman cursed and tried to maintain control of the little varmints. At the time I was thinking SIPDE and decided to give the whole scene a wide berth, which I did. In my rear view mirror I saw the skateboardist escape and move along down the street. I laughed out loud for nobody to hear but myself. Quite a scene!

Yesterday I had to run an errand and, darn it, I had to take the scooter and, darn it, I had to ride along the river here to get where I was going. My route out was along the west side of the "Big" river, my route back was in between the "Big" and "Little" Arkansas rivers which happen to meet each other very near downtown Wichita.  (Remember, the river here is pronounced like the state of Kansas, not Arkansaw.)

As I rode out I spied a cushion from a couch sitting in the grass by the side of the road. Not remarkable, in and of itself, but I spent the next few minutes as I rode wondering why the hell it was there and what were the circumstances to its arrival which I will never know or be able to figure out. Just Guess. A never ending conundrum? Ahhhh, it probably blew off the back of a pickup truck while someone was trying to move. Won't they be pissed when they get to the new location and wonder where the cushion is. Will they go back and look for it? Will it still be there if I go back by there today? Am I the only person who is troubled by these thoughts? Do I need counseling?

I dropped my papers off at the client's office and headed back downtown, but on the way I go by the parking lot that is essentially the spot where drivers license testers give the driving tests to motorcycle riders and commercial truck drivers. I remember this spot from 4 years ago when I was tested to get my motorcycle license. The place wasn't busy at all so I go in and test my skill at one of the tests I remember. It was the one where you had to keep your cycle between two lines for a certain distance, but at a very slow rate of speed, sort of a balance test. I did it again for fun. I think I passed. Later that night I looked at my drivers license and realized it will expire at the end of November. I better get practicing!

Then, closer to downtown I go through Riverside Park (aptly named) and had one of those moments when you wished you had a camera ready at all times. I stopped, but had to take a glove off and dig the i-Phone from my pocket before I could get a shot.

Now, mind you, I have been stopped here before, in the park, by ducks crossing the road. And I really don't mind even though I could sense that other travelers (particularly in cages) were a bit "put out" by the proceedings. I didn't mind and really enjoyed the parade. They crossed the road mostly in single file which made the delay even a little longer to the chagrin of some drivers. The first group was about 12 or so. Then a little break and then another group of 15 or so. Then, still another break with about 10 ducks following a leader who lead them all to a grassy area not far from the river.

And it was sort of like a parade. I could almost imagine each duck carrying a little American flag (July 4th is tomorrow, don't you know) as they paraded across the roadway to their destination.

I do need counseling, don't I?


  1. no counseling required, you're just noticing things that cagers zoom by, completely unawares of their surroundings and other vehicles.


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  2. No counseling. I notice the same things, even in the cage. I have fun visually inspecting what people have lost during a move.

    But it does show that you are in the mood for the holiday! Happy Fourth of July!

  3. I agree, no counseling needed, but I'm relived you were aware you imagined the ducks carrying little American flags. If you had said you saw them carrying little American flags, especially the Canadian geese, then I would have been worried.