Monday, December 19, 2011

In Need Of Gas

 A look at the gasoline gauge on Max a few weeks ago indicated a problem.

Sort of.....

As many of you know, I have not been able to ride lately, for the last almost eleven months actually.

The gear jackets and pants sit forlornly in a closet.

Max has patiently waited in the garage. I have been getting him out every 2-3 weeks or so. Starting him up and riding around the neighborhood a bit. It had been 3 weeks since the last escapade.

I was due. Max was too.

I have been cheating on the driving restriction a bit lately. About once a week I have gone to pick up a carry out dinner. But that's about it.

 We have a winter storm approaching and my wife and I have a rule that we should always have our vehicles filled up with fuel, just in case we get stranded somewhere in a raging blizzard.

And I thought, very wisely I think, that we should fill Max up too. Because you never know when you might be out riding your scooter and get caught in a blinding snowstorm. Wouldn't that be awful?

I even checked the tires. A few pounds needed in both tires.

I laid out the helmet and gloves on the seat. They had been in the top case since January. I was afraid that I would forget how to do the buckle on the helmet. Wasn't a problem. Got the heavier gloves out , but decided that I didn't need the red fleece liners. It was about 50 degrees (something like 14 celsius), an absolutely beautiful day.

I paused to take a reflection picture in the window of the famous Canadian Subaru before I left. The tree in the background is filled with about 400 lights and is quite a scene at night.

It is fairly busy at the gas station. Everybody preparing for the winter storm to come? I didn't forget how to use the pump on Max either.

A whopper of a total there on the pump. The tank supposedly holds 1.9 gals. Hell, I could have gone at least another 20 miles or so.

Once finished, I take off for the local Eddie Bauer store. I had an email that said everything was 40% off. When I got there, I discovered that everything had been marked up 35% the day before.

Oh well, Santa has elves, I have Target!   (supposedly)

For some reason I like shadow and reflection pictures. Above is at the shopping center, below in my driveway back home.

A short ride, but hard to describe how good it felt.

I go see the cardiologist on the 11th of January. Fingers are crossed.

Sincerely hope everybody has a wonderful holiday season.


  1. cpa3485:

    doesn't hurt to cheat a bit and get out for a short ride. I agree about the gas, we try to keep everything at least half full (or is that half empty?) during the winter, just in case. I keep looking at your shadow, it does sort of look like you

    Merry Christmas, perhaps someone will buy you a portable air compressor . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Glad to here you are back on the road, even if it's on the sly-

    I'm a "always on empty" guy :-)

  3. Jim: Good on you. I, too, am glad to hear you are back on the road. And, while it is on the sly it does sound like you are doing so in a responsible way :)

    My fingers are crossed for you and I'm hoping for a mild February.

  4. Bobskoot,
    You're always suggesting gadgets. My litttle floor pump works very well for Max and Bruiser.
    You have a merry Christmas too.


  5. Gordon,
    Thanks for stopping by. The ride was just sort of on the sly. If asked, I'll tell the doctor. He knows I have just about run out of patience.


  6. Keith,
    I can't tell you how nice this brief ride really was. Probably only about 7-8 miles altogether, but boy was it a nice day. Beautiful sunshine, cool temps. I hadn't had any of the gear on in such a long time.
    And no, I still don't like riding in the rain.


  7. For some reason this post really appealed to me. I hope all goes well with the cardiologist and I really like the $ total for the fill up. Maybe It'll soon be time to get rid of the gas guzzling motorcycle and look for a scooter...

  8. You know Richard, A lot of that gas issue is just the size of the tank. A gas guzzling motorcycle is still way better than many cars and trucks. And I am sure all will be okay with the cardio man. I have been feeling pretty good. Still not 100%, but pretty close. I think I will be driving soon.
    Thanks for visiting


  9. Cheating in moderation can be good. :). Glad that you were able to take the proper precautions and fuel Max up in case of emergency.

    Good luck with the cardiologist!

  10. Hey Girl!
    Santa knows how good I have tried to be. I think a few little digressions won't hurt much, and thanks for the good wishes and stopping by.


  11. $3.09 for mid-grade? In Bellingham, the cheapest regular is $3.259, the cheapest premium is $3.799. I can't use mid-grade, in either of my vehicles...

    Scootin' Old Skool

  12. Orin,
    I'm not sure but I don't think our gas taxes here ion Kansas are as high as other places. And Max has always run well on the Mid-Grade. I once had to put the regular gas in him when I was in a small town near Topeka and didn"t have premium. He ran just fine anyway.
    Take Care and Thankd for Visiting,


  13. Jim,

    As the former owner of a scooter, I laughed when you said you had almost 20 miles left. On my motorcycle I would be pooping my drawers with the reserve tank flipped to on. On a scooter, 20 miles feels like a ride to the moon and back - perspective.

    I was also smiling pretty good imagining you, on a cold winter day, light flurries starting saying, "Yeah, I think I'll run out for a few. I should probably take the scooter." I only laugh because I might actually do it, and I don't think I'm the only one - or am I wrong?

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  14. Brady,
    Yes, I have been known to ride in cold weather although I would probably avoid the snow flurries. And I don't like to ride in the rain very much because I have a fear of lightning.
    And you are right about perspective. What some people consider crazy is another person's normal. Riding in the cold is "normal" for me. Others might say crazy.

    Thanks for the visit,


  15. Dear Jimbo:

    Little by little, the scooter man returns.

    Happy New Year!
    Twisted Roads