Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Wedding Reception and an Infamous "Air Band"

I had registered a somewhat feeble complaint to my daughter about the music being played at her wedding reception. My comment to her was that there was very little classic Rock and Roll. In fact, there was hardly any at all. But it was actually more than an observation than a complaint. The music was fun, there was lots of dancing and everybody seemed to be having a good time. We had cupcakes for the reception with another fairly modest cake for the bride and groom to ceremonially cut, which they did with a Samauri sword. In a day, where in a lot of wedding ceremonies the bride and groom frequently stuff each other with cake, and make a big mess of each other, I thought the newlyweds were actually fairly kind to each other.
I failed miserably to get a picture of the food line, with serpentine tables, no less. We contracted with a local Lebanese restaurant that my daughter used to work for. We have known the family that runs the restaurant for many years. Our children grew up together, didn't always attend the same schools, but frequently participated with each other in singing and thespian activities over the years and are very good friends. Suffice it to say that the food was fantastic, we had plenty and almost none was left over, which is always a good sign.
One of my ideas for the wedding was to possibly involve my daughter's Vespa ET4 (Carmella) and my scooter (Max) somehow either at the wedding or the reception. It didn't work out, my suggestion was nixxed, but I got everybody back by mentioning Carmella and Max with the list of people that gave her away to be married. My daughter chuckled at me as we stood together at the front of the church.
At one moment during the festivities, I noticed my daughter over at the table where the sound equipment was, talking to the guy running the sound system. A few minutes later she grabbed me and my son, said she had a song for us, and led us out to the dance floor. Boston's "More Than A Feeling" started to play through the speakers. A sort of impromptu "Air Band" comprising the three of us commenced with the music. My daughter was lead vocal, my son playing imaginary drums, and yours truly, doing a specialty of mine, the air guitar.
Now I must inform you that I used to play an electric guitar and I was very well acquainted with this song having learned how to play it long ago. I knew how the guitar solo was played and I admit, somewhat embarrassingly, to becoming a bit animated as we "played". But as the guitar solo neared, I became excited and had a lot of fun with it. It was a very special memory of the night for me as we celebrated my daughter's wedding. Many thanks to Eric, my brother in law, for being able to get a good chunk of the song on video from his camera. (Eric and I used to play guitars together)

Tyler's car, a Subaru WRX, also got some decorations while the reception was occurring. It was tasteful yet a bit obnoxious with a few beer cans tied to the rear of the car as well as some decorations to the windows. The decorators did a nice job.

It was a fantastic weekend! Not only did we celebrate a wedding, but we also got to see a lot of relatives and friends that we hadn't seen in awhile. It was a lot of work and we sincerely thank all of the people that helped out. There are lots and lots of great memories.


  1. Is it me or are they get younger and younger , the next generation?
    ps did anyone tell them who drives a Subaru these days?

  2. I agree with Conch - they do look young. Nice air guitar! What agood thing to have captured on video - not the bride and grooms first dance, not a speech, but Dad strutting his stuff!!

  3. Conch,
    They may look young, but they are actually a bit older than Jayna and I were when we got married 31 years ago. They are great people, both have good jobs and hopefully will have a wonderful life together.
    And Subarus "Rock"!


  4. Gary,
    A favorite line of mine from an old song says
    "Cuz Rockin' and Rollin',
    It's Only Howling at the Moon".

    Yeah, there might have been a little howling that night, by a lot of people, but it was all in celebration of a great couple. It was a fantastic weekend!

    But you got to watch yourself sometimes, you never know who might be videoing something really embarrassing, LOL.


  5. great video, though there should have been a closeup of you!

    looks like the wedding was a blast!

    although I must ask re the "decoration" on the car: mebitch?

  6. Dom,
    A close up for sure would have broken the camera. It was very impromptu and not planned at all, but the whole weekend was fun. Well except for the setting up and taking down.
    And yeah, the car says "me bitch". My son's idea apparently.. She is the bride and he is her "bitch". Not sure where we went wrong with him, LOL. Am afraid he takes after his Dad? (Scary thought)


  7. Finally took the time to play the video. I was saving it for a moment where I could give it my full attention. As I was watching it, Heather happened by and watched as well. Her comment sums up my sentiment as well, "That looks like a family that has fun together." Thanks for sharing.