Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Day in The Life & That Damn Clock

I love a day where I have extra places to go. A day where there is more riding than just to and from work. I get to ride almost every day, but sometimes tire of the normal mundane route. This day was at least a little different.
Mini Max gets to go everywhere with me.
Today, my first stop was to the doctor's office. It's on the other side of town. I'm not complaining, means more riding for me. I have an annual physical later in the week and this day I was supposed to stop by and leave off some of my precious blood for the vampire at the doctor's office, so tests can be run to see if I am still alive. The primary purpose is to see what state my cholesterol is in. It has not always been good, but better than it used to be since I have lost some weight. The doctor will always have suggestions for me to lower it, all of which I will listen to, but some of which I will probably ignore. I almost steadfastly refuse to support the big drug companies and buy expensive cholesterol medications. Losing some weight, eating better and a little exercise have much better benefits than expensive drugs. (Rebel I am)
The sometimes pain in the ass clock on Max.
Why is it that my cell phone, my computers and other clocks automatically change when daylight savings time begins or ends, but the clock on Max does not? Can't they do something about that? OK, maybe I'm just lazy.
The clock on Max also gains a little time continuously, it has been almost 2 weeks since daylight savings time ended, and I hadn't gotten around to adjusting the clock on Max. Since daylight savings time started last Spring, Max has gained 7 minutes. No, lazy me, I never get around to adjusting it until I really need to. For instance, if I know I haven't adjusted the clock in awhile, then I know it is fast and take that into account.
The real pain regarding that clock is you have to find a pen or relatively narrow object to adjust the clock. For some reason it always takes me 2 or 3 attempts to get it set correctly. Maybe it is smarter than I am.
I was a little early for the doctor's office to open, so I stopped to kill a few minutes and decided that I should finally get the clock corrected.
The amazingly technical procedure to adjusting the clock on Max.
I did finally get the clock reset. I left my blood for the vampire and proceeded to the office for a day of fun and games in the accounting world.
This was also a day when I teach a class at night. Yippee, another diversion from the normal routine. The school is only a couple of miles from the office, so after work I boogie on over there, teach the class and get home about 9:00 that night. As I left the class and ventured over to Max, I noticed a lot of dew on Max and the other cars in the parking lot. A little wiping of the mirrors and guages was necessary, but at least it wasn't cold enough to freeze.
Max, all loaded up.
This is typical of what Max has to carry for me on a day where I have to teach. The backpack, full of papers and a textbook, is attached to the purse hook in front of the seat. The laptop is in a small briefcase bungeed (2 cords, in case one breaks) to the seat behind me. My "Man Bag" is in the topcase where the helmet would normally reside. Keep in mind, too, that there are tools, a rain jacket and other things under the seat. .
I used to bungee the backpack to the seat behind me, but it makes the bike a little top heavy, and handles better if I use the purse hook because the center of gravity is lower. Beats me why they have to make college textbooks so heavy, but most are ridiculous. I wish they would just replace them with CD Roms or something else.
Now I will have to make a claim that might anger some readers, but in my humble opinion (which arguably isn't worth a lot), I would say that a scooter has at least some advantage in being able to carry a bunch of "stuff", compared to a motorcycle. Okay, I may be full of crap, but that little purse hook and the shape of the frame makes the scooter pretty darn useful. Over time, I have carried a lot unusual items on Max. Pizza, chinese food, charcoal for the grill, various groceries, a coffee maker and crockpot and the list goes on. I'm not saying you can't do much the same on a motorcycle, but that little purse hook has some advantages.
Oh well, I do not mean to offend. It was just another day of commuting. And a fun one at that.


  1. Not re-setting the clock- from one anal compulsive to another-should be a capital offense.
    However I feel mortally offended because one day I shall fee myself from the family bonds and will ride to Kansas and we shall go to the store and I shall load more on the Bonneville than you can on the manpurse hook.

  2. Michael,
    For the longest time I didn't know what to call that silly little hook. It ws Bobskoot that suggested the word "Purse Hook" to me. For some reason that name has stuck in my feeble little mind. I suppose a more manly name would be "Man Bag Hook", not "Man Purse Hook" as you suggest. However, I never use it for my "Man Bag" as it usually resides in the top case while riding. So that name just doesn't seem right. I suppose another possible, non-gender related name, would be "Utility Hook", but that name is just plain boring.

    Nevertheless, I sometimes look forward to the challenge of carrying something unusual on Max. There was one day that Jayna asked me to bring home some pizza for supper, but then she said "You can't do that because you have the bike today". I said, "Not to worry", and it wasn't a problem at all.

    And I look forward to your challenge.


  3. Dear CPA3485 (Jimbo):

    Purse hook? I'd shoot my two-wheeled conveyance and buried it in an unmarked grave if it had anyrthing as feeble as a "purse hook" on it. The proper designation for this option (especially if you are a man from the great American Midwest) is a small animal carcass hook, used for bringing home the bodies od recently killed wildlife (varmints) for the pot. And should you find yourself questioned about this while riding through a huge urban environment (like Nebraska City or Auburn), respond with, "I hang my nuts from it when I get tired or carrying them around."

    By the way, I can carry 5 days worth or clothing, a 15" laptop, and oil and tools, withoput having to add a tank bag to my K75.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  4. Cpa3485/Jimbo:

    I still like the term "purse Hook", but "SMCH: small animal carcass hook" works too. I stopped riding my scooter has it didn't have as much storage as my V-strom with luggage. I have 124 litres of luggage, not counting under the seat where I store tools, wrenches, tire repair kit and my portable air compressor. I can still mount a tank bag and duffel on the rear seat. And If I need more storage I will strap it onto SonjaM's Nella, when she isn't looking. SO na-na-na-naaaa too.

    I can't stand the idea of a clock displaying the incorrect time. It's sort of like doing bookkeeping and financial statements and have them "almost" right, in a "sort of" way.

    It's too bad the manufacturers can't make the digits go backwards instead of always incrementing forward.

    I don't have a "purse hook" on my Strom, any idea where I could purchase one, I could mount it on my crash bars

    Wet Coast Scootin

  5. I am thinking that many of you suffer from that dreaded psychological condition known as "Purse Hook Envy". Research has shown that people suffering from this condition display symptoms such as confusion as to how to properly pack a 2 wheeled vehicle. They eventually are able to pack items, but not in any form of an optimal configuration.

    Other symptoms include jealousy towards other riders that display their own large "hooks" as they ride. This can lead to a related condition known as "Purse Hook Rage", similar to "road rage" where riders without adequate (or smaller sized hooks) "hooks" are frequently seen crying as they ride.

    The condition is closely related to other forms of equally debilitating forms of "envy" and the results can be just as damaging.

    My heart goes out to all who have to suffer from this form of illness.

  6. I have always called it a "Grocery Hook" myself. I don't know how it compares to others, but on my 150cc Buddy, I have had 8 sacks of groceries, 4 12-packs AND 2 gallons of milk on board with no real difficulties. I have seen too many motorcycles even attempt to carry similar loads.
    Clothes and tools are easy to carry. Me? I'm a hunter/gatherer. Bringing home stuff to feed the pack.


  7. Cpa3485:

    Well ? I'm still waiting for the Doctor's verdict. Are you still alive ?

    Wet Coast Scootin

  8. Howard,
    Right On!! Even more evidence to the vastly superior ability of scooters to carry "stuff".
    "Grovery Hook" is good. Somehow for me there should be some sort of universal name. Since we both ride Taiwanese scooters, perhaps there is a universal name in Chinese that just doesn"t translate well to English.
    Thanks for stopping by, you are always welcome.


  9. Bobskoot,
    Yes , still alive, but possibly in the realm of the undead. Perhaps like a wraith from Tolkien's stories of middle earth.

    A "Scooter Wraith"

    How ominous is that?