Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Lost Glove

Sometimes it is good to be lucky. This last Tuesday I was very lucky. The Saturday before I wasn't too smart, I did something sort of absent minded. The lost glove was one of my favorites. An Aerostich Hot Weather Vegan. Okay, I know, it's just a glove. I'm lucky I didn't lose something more valuable. But this glove is the greatest invention in the history of glovekind. I kid you not! On Saturday I had stopped to take a couple of pictures near the town of Sedgwick, KS. Because it was a cool morning, I was riding with my winter gloves. My summer gloves (the Aerostich Hot Weather Vegans) were in the top case. After I took a couple of pictures, I put the camera away in the top case and drove off. I didn't realize it at the time, but I apparently forgot to completely close the top case. Somewhere in about a 10 mile stretch of county road, one of my Aerostich Hot Weather Vegan gloves flew out of my top case. I did not realize it was gone until I got home. I was not happy. They are my favorite gloves. I wanted it back! On Monday I decided that I was going to try and go back the next morning to that same road and see if I could find it. Odds were probably not good, hell the odds were ridiculously low, but it was a good excuse for another ride. The glove could be anywhere on that 8 to 10 mile stretch of road. But I did have hope. Maybe more like blind faith. Have you ever ridden off and forgotten to close up something. I suspect that maybe some of you have. The gloves are not irreplaceable. A short trip to the Aerostich website and another pair could be shipped to me quickly. But they are by far my favorites. And I really didn't want to spend another $47 plus shipping, even if I consider it a good buy. I am so cheap! Tuesday morning I had an eye doctor appointment at 9:00am. I wanted to look for the glove before I saw the doctor, so I left the house well before 8:00am. (Canadian and USA time). I boogeyed out of town and reached the town of Sedgwick a little before 8:30am. This gave me plenty of time to carefully peruse and scan the side of the road as I rode back to Wichita to the doctor's office. Sedgwick KS is connected to Wichita by Ridge Road. It is a straight shot because Ridge Road is a Section line road as are many of the county roads in Kansas. I knew that it was a mile or two south of Sedgwick where I had stopped briefly to take a picture and I looked first for the place where I had stopped. I found it quickly and hoped that my task would be easy and the glove would be right there where I had stopped three days before. No such luck. I rode on, carefully scanning the side of the road on my right and occasionally glancing over to the left side of the road just in case. The glove is black and the ground was very green and I thought there was at least some chance that I would see it. But there were about 9 miles to cover and my hopes were becoming a bit dimmer. I rode a little slower than normal, but not slow enough to impede the flow of traffic. But on a road like this there is usually little traffic so that was not much of a concern. After a couple of more miles my thoughts turned to expressions of frustration at the apparent futility of my quest. How the heck can I ever find a little black glove in all this area. I imagined Darth Vader encouraging me to give in to the Dark Side of the Force and give up my quest. Images of Frodo and Sam on their way to Mordor and the obvious improbability of accomplishing their quest also crossed my mind. Ahhh, who am I kidding! I was mostly just thinking that I was a complete dummy for even being out here and doing this. Jimbo, you are never going to find that glove. A couple of miles later I saw something. About 2 feet from the right side of the road. I was riding fast enough that I rode on past about 50 more yards before I was able to safely turn around and go back to get a closer look. A faint glimmer of hope swelled within me. But as I approached it became apparent that it was just a small piece of a shredded tire. It wasn't my "precious" glove. I rode on, feeling frustrated a bit, but not yet ready to give up. I recalled how Yoda would encourage Luke Skywalker and how Galadriel and Gandalf would encourage Frodo in their battles of good vs evil. I persevered. I rode on some more. I started to realize that there were only about 3 more miles to go. If I was going to find it, it had to be soon. Traffic had increased a bit as I got closer to Wichita. It might be harder to find. I approached an area of road construction and a little while later I saw something again. This time it was a small black object in the gutter at the side of the road. Again, I had to ride past the object before I could safely turn around again to go back. Could it be my "precious"? I remember thinking that I should not get my hopes up.
But as I rode back past it again, this time more slowly, I became even more excited. This could be it! I wasn't positive until I parked and walked over to it.
It was the famous Aerostich glove. My "Precious" had been returned to its Master. I laughed out loud as I realized I had found it.
A workman working on the roadway nearby looked at me like I was crazy. He may be right. He looked even a bit more surprised whan I got my camera out and took a couple of pictures.
I picked up the glove, put it with its mate in the top case along with my camera, made damn sure the top case was closed properly, and rode on to my appointment with the eye doctor. I was 2 minutes late for my appointment.
Pure Dumb Luck? .................Maybe
I prefer to think that it was destiny and that all good things will eventually return to those people that are righteous, pure in heart, and who never give up in the face of overwhelming odds.
Ahhh, Whatever!
Sure was nice to wear those Aerostich Hot Weather Vegan gloves on the way home later that day.


  1. Congrats on finding your friend again. I liked the bit about the workman watching you taking photos of the road. He must had wondered what was going on - it was worth it though and it made for an amusing post!

  2. Gary,
    I got a real kick out of finding the glove. I laughed real hard when I found it. It made for a good start to the day. The ride was fun too. Glad you got a bit of a kick out of the story. Thanks for visiting.


  3. nice story with parallels to the Lord of the Rings trilogy....hopefully you look better than the character you emulated!

  4. Pure dumb luck. I did stop to help a stranded motorcyclist and he had lost (and found )his entire gear shifter. With my tools he was on his way leaving me to wonder why I lose things and never find them. And now here you are doing it.

  5. Dear CPA3485 (Jimbo):

    I was riding through the salt marshes with Dick Bregstein, when I bounced over the lip of a low bridge doing about 55mph. My OEM topcase flew open, throwing my eye glasses, and other stuff onto the pavement. The glasses, about $300 worth, were a total loss. The other stuff got banged up.

    From that moment on, I have forever locked my cases when I close them. I am delighted you found your glove.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  6. Charlie6,
    Don't know why thoughts of that story kept running thru my mind. Guess my mind works in strange ways. Yes, that's it my precious.

  7. Conch,
    It was incredibly lucky. You saw how close the glove was to the drain. Can't get much purer and dumber.

  8. Jack,
    For the life of me, I have no idea how it happened. Just know that I stopped at a convenience store in town to take a leak and discovered that the case was open. Don't know if I never closed it or if it just happened to mysteriously open by itself. I really suspect that Bobskoot or Conch may be to blame, but have no evidence.

  9. Very cool Jim. It would have been easy to just get new gloves, but you perservered. It was worth it.

    Yes, let's talk guitars someday soon. I'm a better collector than player, but I love the sound of a good guitar.

  10. You should have called me. I could have given you a "hand".

  11. This post raised my blood pressure--in a good way! I thought that first sighting was your precious glove. So glad you found it finally. I have lost the keys to my motorcycle twice in the last two weeks. Each time I retraced my steps and found them. Nice pics too!