Sunday, January 10, 2010

Introducing a New Friend

Sometimes he appears out of nowhere.
In places you least expect him to be.
Similar to the title of this blog, his motives may be premeditated, but the good news is that there appears to be no malice.
Cute? You decide. Friendly? I guess so, but he doesn't talk much.
He seems sort of enamored with Max. Like he wants to go for a ride. As soon as the weather improves a bit, I promised him we would do just that.
Can you imagine, just like a dog with his head out the window of a car, having him feel the breeze cascade through his vents as we ride together.
He even made it to the office one day. He watched me work as he surveyed the scene from the top of my calculator.
He seems to follow me around a lot. I think he wants to be my friend. I have decided that this is a good thing.
He has earned a place of honor on my key ring along with the keys to Max. This will guarantee that whenever Max and I are on the road, he will get to come along and enjoy the ride with us.
I have named him "Mini Max".
My psychiatrist worries about me!


  1. Dear CPA3485 (Jimbo):

    Do you ever wonder why hardcore bikers occasionally shoot the scooterazzi a lok of askance?

    As a certified BMW rider, I have grown accustomed to having every other cruiser jockey I meet whisper "douche, asshole, or jerk," when I pull up on my K75. Cruiser riders fail to see beyond the Salvador Dali-like appeal of my bike and generally say the first thing that comes to mind.

    You may expect a similar response with that key fob. Try this. Acquire another miniature croc so your forefiner and middle finger will be able to wear a complete pair. Garb your hand in a little tropical shirt and draw a face on your wrist. Then go into a typical biker bar and make the bartender talk to your hand. Have your hand tell him the scooter outside is yours.

    I guarantee you will be amazed at what happens next.

    Has it evver occurred to you that Key West is actually a kind of prison? And that people are kept there for a reaaon?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  2. Mr. Riepe has a point. However, it would still be interesting to see the outcome of that scene inside the biker bar.

    As a certified scooter rider I've had some amazing biker bar experiences that makes me think most of the hard-core-looking cruisers are actually pretty big teddy bears. I know not all are, and I'm fairly sure it depends on which stat you happen to be riding in ... but I'm just sayin' in my experience they are a pretty accepting lot when it comes to 2-wheel riders ... even 2-wheel riders -:)

    However, with that said, I've never presented a pink crock when in their company. You'll need to consult BobSkoot about that issue.

  3. Jack and Chuck,
    I appreciate your concern about my safety in biker bars and other locations where I might meet up with "Cruisers". But as a person who never visits those places and only very infrequently meets up with the "Cruiser" crowd, I feel that I am prety safe.
    That said, the resulting consequences of Jack's suggestion would be pretty funny. Jack, I request your attendance at this event so that you could chronicle about it for my blog, even if it is posthumously for me.

  4. Dear CPA3485 and Chuck Pefley:

    In all honesty, I have only drawn two positively shiity remarks and one obvious public snubbing from my Harley Davidson-riding brothers. This is a micro-percentage of the huge perfectly affable Harley riders I have come to know, like and respect. I got my endorsement from the Harley Davidson's Riders' Edge course, which was as professional an educational event as any course I took in college, and administered very well.

    In truth, I have been snubbed by as many BMW riders as I have Harley boys. Some Harley riders don't think I qualify as a biker and some Beemer pilots don't either.

    They'll get used to the idea, or not.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  5. I can only imagine and shudder what would happen if I showed up to teach a motor officer course flashing a pink croc. Good for you all, but I am just not secure enough in my manhood to pull that one off!

  6. OK, I may be from the UK, so you will have to go slowly with me.

    What is it with the pink crocs? Not only has Bobskoot got pink crocs on his blog ( but now they have truned up here as well!

    I am missing something here? Are pink crocs getting ingrained into the scootin' culture?

    Should we all be going out and buying some?