Friday, January 2, 2015

Recent Price of Gasoline

I could hardly believe it.

And I wish it had been the scooter getting a "Fill Up".

But it was the Subaru. Ice storm possible tomorrow. Family Rule is to keep the vehicles above 1/2 full in the event of inclement weather. I was just a little below 1/2 when I rolled in to the convenience store this morning.

I kid you not.

I was charged the outrageous price of $ 1.67 / gallon.

Where's the Humanity?

When I first bought the scooter , you may remember back then. "Dubya" had just managed to implode the economy, gasoline reached a little over $4.00 / gallon.

I was sure glad I had Max back then.

(I still am)


Ride On and Carpe Diem, my good friends.


  1. The drop in fuel prices is welcome though puzzling. Related, I made a recent decision to switch from an oil boiler to natural gas boiler to save money. At that time fuel oil was well over $4 a gallon. It's now just over $2 a gallon.

    Things keep changing in the world...

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

    1. Hey Steve!
      I have frequently held the notion that if gas prices go up, then I should "defensively" invest and buy an oil and gas mutual fund or something like that. But of course, I never time it right. I have bought high and sold low many times.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. Makes you really wonder about price fixing doesn't it particularly when it's high. Same amount of cars in the world. It's got me going hmmmm, a welcome hmmm, but wondering what's coming our way next.

    1. Dar, the conspiracy theorist in me thinks it has nothing to do with price fixing. Nobody seems to have said anything, but I think the price collapse is somewhat temporary and has been created by Saudi Arabia to reduce the oil income that has helped fund ISIS. Just my crazy theory. As soon as ISIS goes away, all the oil powers will want their money back.