Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Wise Man Once Said....

Embarrassingly, I had not even started Max for about 4 months.

Did he hesitate?


Not even for a second.

Sometimes I wonder if my mind is going around in circles especially with regard to riding.

But Bobskoot suggested to me that perhaps I just needed to go for a ride.

So I did!

Not a long ride. And it was a bit chilly. Last night we had our first hard freeze. And silly me, I had my summer gloves on. But I did have my gear jacket on, and some heavy jeans. (I forgot what cold hands on a bike felt like)

Max ran like a champ. It felt good. 

Almost hate to admit this, but Max has been up for sale. But no offers. Not even any bites. 


There may be more rides, and ride reports in the future.


  1. Your scoot was likely very happy to show that it is fully functioning. Are you sure, you want to sell it? Don't you have sometimes a little escape in mind? Your trusty two-wheeler will be there for you when you need it.

  2. No offers, eh? May have to keep it for a while...

  3. Sonja, escape is a good concept. You may be very right about that

    Richard, it doesn't really take up a lot of space.

  4. Nooooooooo!

    My opinion only....

    The "itch" to ride will return and Max will be there for you!

    I took a month off this clue why...then one day I hopped on and realized how much I "need" my scooter in my lifestyle!

    I say "noooooooooooo" to a sale!

    But this is just my opinion...:=)

  5. I wish I could buy that scooter, really like it a lot especially in person. A fly and ride would be a blast. Of course life would be a little different commuting daily on Highway 1 WOT on a scooter with no name. Better not think about it.

  6. Thanks for sharing that. It was fun reading it. :-)

  7. Amazing amount of great, actionable advice. I will keep coming back to this Post...