Saturday, December 7, 2013

Authentic Frontier Gibberish

Let’s just dive right in. As part of her book tour, Sarah Palin spoke yesterday at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Right off the bat, I challenge you to structure this sentence:

“If you lose that foundation, John Adams was implicitly warning us, then we will not follow our constitution, there will be no reason to follow our constitution because it is a moral and religious people who understand that there is something greater than self, we are to live selflessly, and we are to be held accountable by our creator, so that is what our constitution is based on, so those revisionists, those in the lamestream media, especially, who would want to ignore what our founders actually thought, felt and wrote about in our charters of liberty – well, that’s why I call them the lamestream media.”

Authentic frontier gibberish. If the Michelin Guide handed out stars for the world’s finest word salad, that quote might top the list. It’s one long sentence and she somehow bumper-pools her way from John Adams to the Constitution (John Adams wasn’t a framer of the Constitution) to accountability to charters of liberty to the “lamestream media.” It’s like she was reading from Mad Libs’ Derp Edition.

Sorry, I just had to post this somewhere!


  1. Did she say anything, substantive or not, in that sentence?

    1. I had trouble with translating, but I'm new to frontier gibberish .

  2. I thought at first it was comedy (albeit the worst kind). Since I don't understand a word I have to say: Sorry I don't speak American ;-)