Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Motivation in Colder Weather

When I first bought the scooter I was very determined to ride in all weather except for ice and snow.

40 degrees F?       Yes, no problem!

30 degrees F         Hell Yes!

20 degrees F         Well maybe not hell yes, but okay!

10 degrees F         Well now you're pushing it, but I've done it

This year?              Well.....

I admit to being less aggressive in the cold this year. Oh, I've been out there, but not near as regularly.

Potential excuses:

I've needed the car more when at work. Somewhat true.
I've been walking more. True but does not account for the that much of the difference
Weekends have been busier, less free time. True definitely
The heart doesn't like cold weather quite as much. True
The weather hasn't been cooperative. Somewhat true

But then again, most of those are just what I say they are, Excuses!

I need to ride more!

I got Max out this morning. It was about 30 degrees. Hadn't ridden in about 3 weeks. He started up as if to say, "Hey, How You Been!, Where we going today?" Fired instantly on the first push on the starter.

I've been trying to make some plans for the summer and fall. Maybe some longer type trips. Been thinking about even coordinating some of those with a little camping (which I haven't done in ages) and even some long hikes. Saw a movie recently about hiking. Sort of liked it. It's healthy for my heart. Hmmmm.

And another book report might be on the way soon, but the book wasn't near as good as Jack's book.

But for now, we are heading into another "tax season" at work. Lots to do, little free time. Most riding will just be to work and back.

But I hope to do more of that!

Ride On and Carpe Diem , my friends.



  1. Tax season seems to be a good excuse for just about anything. I have been slacking off on the walking since the middle of December. And the excuses sound familiar. I am forced to get some walking in whenever I commute by bus but that didn't happen for the last couple of weeks. Walking in -40 just feels unhealthy....

    1. But Richard, You face some really brutal temps up there. Walking, riding, anything in some of those temps is really just plain unwise, I think. I guess we all must struggle on.

  2. cpa3485....here's a motivational poster for ya....just picture your scooter in same shot.

    Riding in the Cold

    1. Dom, That really is a fantastic shot. You certainly have an advantage with that extra wheel. I would think that could be exceedingly fun, and you show that fun regularly in your most excellent blog

  3. Jim,
    Here, the season has been incredibly mild this year. I don't know how I feel about single digits, which is funny since I've done it without heated grips. Now I have heated grips and I'm thinking, "Wow, that sounds cold." We'll see if we get any of those days if I ride...Yeah, I suspect I know the answer, too. :)

  4. Keith, I think our season has been very similar to yours this year. We've had some cold, but not really terrible cold. My biggest problem with the really cold is my fingers, a problem you should no longer have with those grips. Keep us oposted on how those work out.

  5. Jimbo:

    our temps and our type of humid cold means frost when we get close to freezing as it condensates every evening. We are not able to ride, not unless you like to balance on ice. By mid morning it has usually warmed up and the frost is gone, so we are able to ride daily from about noon onwards, but just not to commute to work at 7am. Of course, for a person with Accountant's hours this would not necessarily be a problem for you

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. Bobskoot, Ironically yesterday's weather was similar to what you described, except that is was just warm enough not to have any ice. There was some moisture in the air, and in spots the streets were sort of wet. I was cautious, but turned out to be safe. Yet for a few minutes there I was wondering whether it was a wise decision to ride.

  6. I'd love to ride in sub-zero temps, but the problem is my scoot refuses to come out of her cozy den!

    Yep. She just peeks out, shivers, pulls her head back in, and says, "NO".

    That's MY excuse! :-)

  7. Hey Deb,
    I think that's a very valid excuse! We shouldn't force our own will upon those of others without their consent.
    I gotta tell you though that Max always seems to be willing no matter what the weather is doing.
    Thanks for poppin' by,

  8. I have been motivated walk wise, but in all honesty in the last 3 weeks I haven't ridden my motorcycle, it has been just too nasty and I have had the flu. I have actually started bussing to work and its not too bad. Cold weather doesn't put me off as much as the wet weather we have been having and as I am getting older I don't feel as inclined to do battle with the elements all the time, it gets kind of wearing. Good for you getting out there.

  9. Dar, I too take the bus to work, at least once a week or so, more if I can. It's my excuse to walk more which is really good for my heart. I walk anywhere from 1/2 mile to 2 1/2 miles to get to any particular bus stop, even if it is really cold. I just bundle up more. It's that wind chill on the bike that can really get you, most often it really gets my fingers.
    Thanks for the visit,


  10. Jimbo

    I finally found a good layering combination and generally don't feel the cold, in fact I am colder in my car tan on the bike. The one thing I like about bussing is not wearing 20 pounds of gear and can go to work without any fuss & not have to fix helmet hair and the put on work clothes. As for walking I am dong a lot of that and quite hooked on it and am planning on going hiking tomorow.