Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Faith in Humanity Restored

I volunteered yesterday at a program for 5th graders at the Great Plains Nature Center. I have helped with this program for many years.

I took the non-motorized 2 wheeler, Bruiser to get there. It was a nice ride, not a long ride, because the facility is just a little over 3 miles away from my home.

The day went well. I rode home, but the return trip was not as much fun because of a very steady strong breeze from the south. So it took a little longer, and it was warm, but not altogether a bad ride at all.

I frequently use a phone app to document my riding and walking and as soon as I arrived at home, I reached into the rear crack bag to turn off the GPS app.

No Phone!


There was no phone in the usual pocket in the rear rack bag, where I usually keep it while riding.

I cursed to myself more than a few times.

I retraced my route with the car and the bicycle twice to no avail.

No phone. The thought of replacement was not very pleasant.


Someone found it!

They called one of the ICE names in my contacts list. In a short period of time, we had it back, safe and sound, not damaged and working fine.

There are good people in the world!!


  1. Yes, there are good people in the world. And, I'm glad you found one. Actually, my experience tells me the odds were in your favor. After my head injury I was amazed at how very kind most people are. It was rather a revelation.

  2. Dear CPA 3485 (Jimbo):

    Now, how did the phone pop out of its secure place? Not fastened? Bad snap? You really lucked out this time. I would have no way to retrieve some of the data on my phone, and I am now planning on copying it. (I got this idea after reading your post.)

    Nice pictures.

    Fondest regards,

  3. cpa3485/Jimbo:

    this is great news ! Most phones cannot be used when "lost" due to the imbedded SN as it would be deactivated by the provider anyway. We found a phone last year and turned it in too.

    did it Pop out of your case and drop on the ground ? Lucky it didn't shatter the display

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  4. People are constantly turning stuff in at the police station creaing work for us dispatchers. I blame TV for spreading lack of faith among people. All you see on those shows is people being shitty to each other. Not reality at all.