Monday, November 7, 2011

Seen While Walking To The Bus Stop and Other Trivial 'Stuff'

I am still doing a lot of walking these days, but now with Autumn temperatures descending upon us, the color of the trees has been nice to look at. This tree is on the way to the bus stop fom my home. I just liked the colors.

And these two little scotties are a regular sight for me on the way to the bus stop. A nice man walks them 4 times a day, so he says. I see them about once a week or so. They are extremely friendly and give me a good sniff every time I see them.

We had some freezing temeratures lately so we picked the last of the peppers and pulled up the plants. We'll probably cook them in the smoker and freeze them so we can use them throughout the winter. We did that last year, too. This year's plants really suffered through the heat we had, and when the temperatures dropped a bit, they really started to produce. It was a very short growing season. Maybe better next year.

Our illustrous governor wants to emiminate the state income tax around here. Sounds good, but I don't think there is much of a plan to replace the revenue with anything that makes much sense. It will probably be a higher sales tax or maybe they will pass the obligations to more local taxing districts such as counties and cities.

At any rate, our governor has said that our tax structure should be a lot more like Texas, in fact some say he wants us to be a lot more like Texas in every respect. Well, I am not so sure that is a good idea. In Texas,  large corporations are treated with lots of preferences, maybe with more rights than even people have.

Then again, there are some certainites in life, like Google.

Google is now a verb, dontcha know.

Have you Googled yourself lately?


  1. cpa3485/Jimbo:

    You're right. I googled you and lots of stuff came up, even your assistant. Me not so much. I like how you snuck in Max Mini . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Was there life before Google? : )

    Seriously though, searching for information pre-google was onerous at best.

    As to Vancouver becoming more like Texas....that'll be the day, pilgrim!


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  3. I was always a big fan of the pre-google version a.k.a. reference books and lexicons. I am still a big fan of research with books, and I love libraries. But yes I admit it, in my profession it helps a lot to google. Scary, though.

  4. We haven't had a state (AK) income tax for about thirty years. I think it went away when the pipeline was finished and the state started to receive oil royalty payments. No sales tax either though a few cities are starting to have them to supplement the property and bed taxes.

    Without Google, the Internet would be less useful.

  5. Bob and Dom,
    I used to use Yahoo for home page for many years, but now use Google. I am frequently amazed how quick I can find something compared to just a few years ago.
    My fear is that they may own everything someday, like microsoft used to. Have you looked at one of their financial statements lately? ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!

    Our tax research materials used to come by paper in big volumes and updating it was a drag. Then came CD roms and you just threw the old disk away each month when a new one came in. Now it is all "cloud" based as long as you have a good inrternet connection. I did however think it was sort of fun to dig out the books on occasion.

    Most states without an income tax either have taxes on oil production (Texas) or guest taxes (Nevada, Florida) to counter the fact that there is no income tax.
    Kansas has a little oil and gas production, but not nearly like Texas, and we are not famous for being a tourist destination by any means. So how they get rid of the tax is a big guess right now. I frankly don't think they can really do it without really screwing something up. It's a big hush deal, too. Secret meetings, etc. You'd think that if it was all that good a deal, they would be asking for more input from the public.
    It's like they are saying, "Trust me on this one". That kind of attitude always makes me nervous.

    Thanks all, for writing in, I know my blog has been a little lacking in motorrcycle/scooter content lately. Three months to go! (I hope)


  6. Jimbo/cpa3485:

    don't worry about motorcycle content. There's scenery, bicycling, shovelling snow, BBQing and don't forget Food pOrN.

    How about trailering Max to southern WA in Spring/Summer ? and we will find a way to get there

    Riding the Wet Coast

  7. Jim,
    I agree with bob. Don't worry about the motorcycle content. It's good to see your eye and mind at work. It's what interested me in your blog in the first place.

    Thanks for the share.