Monday, July 18, 2011

Trendy, but Mis-Spelled Street Names and a Hot Bicycle Ride

In a housing development near you, you might encounter a street sign like this. Trendy, Huh?
Wouldn't you be happy to live near this intersection and tell all your acquaintances what the street names are.

Except, why can't they spell it Governor?  Huh?  What's the deal?  Are you special or something?

We can, I think, blame Brits and Canadians for spellings like this!

Last Sunday I went for a bicycle ride and explored a section of a bike path that I had never ventured on before. It's mostly flat and straight in spots, like this area.

Straight and level, good for bicycles, just not always very exciting.

Then again there are some spots where the road isn't very straight and that makes it a bit more interesting. 

A little bridge over a small (very small) creek
 It was a blasting hot day! I was out on the bicycle at 7:30 am. Any later in the day and I would have fried. And I don't want to fry. I just wanted to ride. I think we have had 20 days above 100 degrees this year, normal is about 11 days. Summer has a long way to go.

There is even some signage on the route. I am not sure I have even ever encountered a stop sign on a bike route, but here you go.

It's a little smaller that a normal stop sign. Is that fair? And why is it that the bikes have to stop? Couldn't we instead make all the cars stop? In Kansas, we just recently passed a new law for motorcyclists that get stuck at red lights where they cannot trigger the signal sensors to change. The new law now allows a motorcyclist to pass through after a reasonable wait and watching for traffic. In honor of this new law, when I encountered this stop sign, I sort of "coasted through" just for fun. No harm done.
  There is even some wildlife to be encountered on this bike route.

Nice deer statue at the entrance to part of the route, complete with its own gang sign graffiti.
Continuing on with more signage and another creek encounter.

I'd rather encounter a sign like this out on the open road on a scooter, but it's not bad on a bicycle either.
 Finally, this last sign sort of sums it up for me right now.

No motor vehicles allowed for Jimbo right now due to health conditions.
There has been some clarification to my driving (riding) restrictions placed on me for medical purposes. The powers that be have determined that it should be one year (1yr) from the date of implant for my ICD (Implanted Cardioverter Defribillator) before I can drive a motor vehicle again. One thing's for sure. It will be a lot cooler in February when I get to ride again, and I won't get nearly as sweaty. That's a good thing.


  1. Key west is much cooler. But don't tell the snowbirds who go to Kansas for the summer and leave us alone.

  2. Jimbo/cpa34.84.999:

    I'm not sure I would wish temps over 100°F, mid 80's sounds about perfect for us up here in BC. Actually, I don't think we ever get higher than low 90's

    Of all of us Bloggers, I think you are probably the healthiest. I can hardly walk up a flight of stairs without huffing

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Conch,
    I was home by 9:30 that morning and sweating like a pig. The humidity has made the heat even worse and we have no ocean to jump into. I am afraid I cannot solve your snowbird problem for you and for some strange reason do not feel really sorry for you. How's that?
    Take Care and say Hi to your lovely wife,


  4. Bobskooter,
    I'm totally jealous of your trip to Montana and a happy big birthday to you as well while you are at it.
    The temps have been really ridiculous this year and dont seem like they are going to change soon. That said, I would still trade being to ride, even just a little bit, for the hot temps. You do live in a nice area temperature wise.
    As for being healthy, I admit I am probably in some ways much healthier than I have been in years. But there is that one little heart problem that on some days makes me struggle a bit. Trying to get in better shape is my way of fighting the problem in my heart which will probably never completely go away. But Fight on I will.
    Happy Birthday and glad you had a wonderful trip to Montana. That's a nice item to check off the bucket list.

  5. Jimbo, nope I am not letting you get away with that! Having listened to and seen the way Americans spell certain words, you can never blame the British for the way WE spell. Yes, I know some things make more sense the American way, but that doesn’t forgive the US for corrupting our wonderful language! Who was it that once said when talking about Britain and America “Two nations divided by a common language”? Glad to see you are getting better!

  6. Gary,
    I had both you and Bobskoot in mind here with that spelling issue. "Colour"? Come on! Ridiculous!
    But I guess some developers think home buyers would think it artsy fartsy or something. Come On! Lose a couple of Vowels!
    I have though appreciated many of your recent pictures on your fine blog.
    Take Care

  7. Yay for bike rides! If honour of the spelling debates that have popped up on the comment list, I am going to spell things as they would in good ol' England. Not really, I just wanted to stick honour in there someplace.

  8. Kal,
    At least we have the knowledge that somewhere back in the family heritage someone probably got rid of the useless "D" in our last name. I also have to wonder about those sometimes silent british letter H's. Remember hurricanes hardly ever happen? Come on Gary! What's up with that!
    Thanks for visiting Kal, you are always very welcome here at "Premeditated Bicycling"
    Your Bad Dad

  9. You get on two wheels and become a rebel, motor or no, don't you? Coasting through stop signs. What next?

    Good to hear from you. Here is a sign you may find interesting.

  10. Jim, it's good to be here reading your words. Loved the twisty road photo!

    We've had seriously hot weather too and you're right, even getting out early is a sweat evoking experience, still it's great to be out and about early. I've taken to packing my breakfast, riding a few miles and eating on the lakefront.

    Regarding your health...the year will fly by. Good to hear that you're well into recovery mode. Take care.