Monday, May 23, 2011

Motorcycles Not Allowed

IronDad made a request for any kind of 2 wheeled content from this blog even if not motorcycle or scooter related. So here you go Dude!

Saturday Morning Shadow on the mountain bike

Been riding a bit lately, just not on the scooter. During the week I had a yearning to explore an old railroad line that had been converted to a bicycle and jogging trail. The rails are gone and replaced with some gravel. Not exactly fantastic for running or road bicycles, but pretty fun on a mountain bike.

The converted rail trail looking west. This was actually a very small bridge over a creek.

The rail line had not been in use for maybe 15 or 20 years. About 5-7 years ago, they improved it for trail use. The trail only goes for a few miles, but is nice and relatively pretty. There are lots of abandoned rail lines in Kansas. A national organization called the Rails to Trails Conservancy has been active in converting old rail lines to recreational pathways across the country. They have met a lot of resistance in Kansas for some reason. There is now a trail that goes from east to west across the entire state of Missouri. No such luck here in Kansas.

Looking east on the trail. Not much traffic today.

I encountered a couple with a small dog not far from here. I had to laugh as the couple was sort of jogging and walking along and the little guy looked like he was having a great time although he was struggling a bit to keep up with the humans. But you know how dogs are, they'll do anything to make their masters happy.

"Bruiser" at the waterfall

I proceeded eventually through a couple of residential neighborhoods, just sort of leisurely riding along. I got passed by a guy on an expensive road bike that looked like he was in a hurry. My initial thought was thet he was trying to be a jerk and just showing off. Then I decided I really didn't give a hoot. I was having too good of a time.

A very shady sidewalk.
My feeble attempt to make this bike ride look sort of look like "Scooter in the Sticks"

Many years ago when our kids were young, we had a trailer for our bicycles and our kids used to ride in the trailer and go along with us for bicycle rides. This neighborhood was a fun place to ride because of the scenery and lack of traffic. At one time we had a tandem bike and with the trailer hooked up to it, it was like riding a semi down the road.

Sidewalk Twisty"s?

It was a beautiful morning and a great ride. Only about a 10 mile ride, but that's really good for me for right now. Small moves, you know.


  1. Ten miles? That's pretty good considering your not so long ago condition! Good stuff, I used to have a trailer for my road bike as well when the boys were young, hard work on the hills though.


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  2. Watch out for those "Lance Armstrong Wannabes". There is a trail that Heather and I use regularly for our she bikes/he skates dates. We use it because it is convenient, but the packs of "road racers" make it less enjoyable than it could be. I'm just glad I'm not walking with these guys and gals zooming by me. Also, most times they don't even announce they're there. Oh well, rant over.

    I'm looking forward to more adventures with Bruiser.

    And, hey, it sounds like your going to be able to start riding Max again just in time for July and August in Kansas -- just in time to enjoy those nice cool and refreshing ocean breezes Wichita is noted for that time of the year :)

  3. Thank you. I'm honored. It's also good to see you write things like,

    "I was having too good of a time."

  4. Hey! That wasn't a feeble attempt at trying to emulate Steve's style of photographic composition over at "Sticks!" I like it, and I can see a definite resemblance of that shot of yours to one of his many successes at making photos speak.