Monday, January 10, 2011

Have a Nice Day "Bub"!

As I finished my banking transactions on a cold Friday afternoon, the teller sent the receipts back to me and said: "Have a Nice Day, Bub!" Now I have to say that I can't recall the last time someone called me "Bub". He was genuinely trying to be friendly. And he wasn't obnoxious like the tellers at Bank Of Ameri-something who seem to always say the same thing like they are some sort of slightly malfunctioning robots. Oh, they are friendly too, but I get tired of hearing the same worn out phrases spoken like they are forced to be sincere and really don't want to be. Was it the fact that I rode up on the scooter all decked out in my Denim Gear Jacket looking very cool? (If I don't say so myself) He didn't call me "Sir" or "Mister", just "Bub". I sensed that if I had been dressed differently, or arrived on 4 wheels, rather than 2, he wouldn't have called me "Bub". Did I look like a "Bub"? I don't mind being called "Bub". It's better than "Bubba" or even "Dumbass". I just went through the drive up rather than go inside. I like riding Max through the drive up. This bank is usually crazy busy on a Friday afternoon, but today I got right through. I was in a really good mood and was looking forward to dinner that evening with my wife. You see, it was our anniversary, 32 years no less. We went to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant that we hadn't been to for some time. The food is excellent, but not cheap. It's a fun place to go on a special occasion. Our chef was fast, good and very entertaining. Jayna ordered salmon and scallops with hot green tea. I had chicken and salmon with some extra veggies. I drank a Tsunami which was spiced rum and fruit juice. The chef kept trying to goad me into more drinks. I had two and Jayna drove home. One thing though, for some reason, the chef kept referring to me as "Big Daddy" whenever he would serve up some food on my plate. He repeated this 4 or 5 times. Other people at the table had steak and he went around the table making sure how much they wanted their steaks cooked, rare, well done, etc. Then he looked at me, with a little smirk on his face and asked me " How do you want your chicken cooked,,,,, "Big Daddy"? After 2 Tsunamis I wasn't quick enough with a witty comeback, just some laughter. So today I was referred to as "Jim"," Bub" and "Big Daddy". It wasn't my idea. It just happened that way. It didn't bother me, just made me ponder. What I'd really like is if Jayna would let me continue to be her "Big Daddy" for a long time to come. She's pretty special!


  1. hey m'bubba! had you ridden to dinner you'd have been Jayna's Big Daddy on the way home...

  2. BUB: aka: cpa3485:

    If you wore your riding jacket to dinner then "Big Daddy" it is.

    If only I had known . . . Happy Anniversary to both of you, Bubs and Bubbette .

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. Conch and Bobskoot,
    Never was the emphasis placed on the 'big' portion of 'big daddy'. Just the 'daddy' part. Wonder what was meant by that.

    My sincere thanks for your visits to my humble abode, whoever I may be.

    aka Jimbo
    aka JimBob
    aka JimBub
    aka JimboBob
    aka Jimbo Big Daddy
    and on and on and on and on

  4. Happy anniversary, first off. Secondly, I'm delighted to read this post. Now I will spend some delicious hours making a list of all possible names we can have for you that start with the letter B. ( Welcome to Sesame Street. Today's program is sponsored by the letter B! )

    It's a good thing my Hi Viz 'Stich is only that way on top or I could be called Big Bird.

  5. Happy anniversary! And, may your wish come true!

  6. Dan,
    From now on I will think of you as "Big Bird", LOL


  7. Keith,
    Thanks for the thought. She's a great person, obviously for putting up with me.


  8. Dear CPA3485 (Jimbo):

    Firdst of all, are you sure you heard the teller correctly? Did the teller say "Bub" or "Bud?" If she called you "Bub," that would make you a contemporary of Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart). If the teller called you "Bud," that would bre easier to accept.

    Either way, what's the problem? "Bub" is sort of cool (especially for an accountant on the "Singing Nun's" scooter). "Bud" is very chummy. Next time, tell the clerk you wish to be addressed as "Dutch, Stitches," or "Spider." Tell her that's what most women call you.

    I'm glad I started calling you "Jimbo," which I think is a tough sounding name in keeping with your part of the country. I think you should have a name plate on your desk that says "Jimbo," next to a hollowed out skull used as a coffee mug.

    The bit with "Big Daddy" is harder to take. Rent or buy the 1958 movie "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof," in which the character of "Big Daddy" is played by Burl Ives, against performances by Paul Neuman and Elizabeth Taylor. It is harder for me to see you in that role.

    Congratulations on your anniversary. There is nothing like the security of an enduring romance. I have been in a committed relationship most of my adult life — 27 years in fact... To three different women. And we never had a fight.

    Remember, perception is truth (in all practicality).

    Fondest regards, Jimbo

    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  9. Jack,
    One of my standard phrases is "perception is reality".
    I suppose its possible he said 'Bud' instead of 'Bub'. Who the hell knows what anyone says when you have your helmet on. I love to mumble through my helmet and make people ask me to repeat what I said.
    But I am pretty sure he said 'Bub', so maybe I should just go as......