Monday, December 27, 2010

8,000 Miles Later

It's not a monumental feat, but in a little more than 2 years, I now have 8,000 miles on that scooter I call Max. Being sort of a numbers guy, I decided to do a little math, just for fun.
To be somewhat accurate, I need to make a few assumptions.
Average gas price: $2.80
That's a guess. It has probably ranged from $2.55 to almost $4.55 per gallon.
Average miles per gallon:
Max: 70
Subaru: 22
I tracked the mileage pretty close on Max for the first 8 or 9 months. In town, where I do most of my riding, I consistently got 75 mpg. On a highway, if riding hard, I'll get about 60 mpg. For the Subaru I used what I get in town for comparison.
Max: Total gallons used: 8,000 miles / 70 mpg = 114 gallons
I recall that I used to have a pickup that had a 30 gal main tank and a 20 gal reserve tank.
Total cost for gas: 114 * $2.80 = $319
That seems pretty low, but then I remember that a fill up is usually only about $4.
Gallons used if I had driven the Subaru: 8,000 / 22 mpg = 364
Cost for gas: 364 * $2.80 = $1,019
Okay, I saved about $700 in gasoline over the last 2 1/2 years. Maybe not quite a boatload, but.....
Consider the difference if my car was only able to get 15 mpg, or 10 mpg. .
There are many other differences in cost. The initial purchase for Max was just a little more than half of what I paid for the Subaru. Max was brand new, the Subaru was well used. Taxes are less. Insurance is less.
. Lots of other differences as well. I can't carry as much with Max. The wagon holds a lot more. And the Subaru has heated seats. And I love the Subaru almost as much as Max.
. But do you want to know the real reason I prefer taking Max to work each day?
. It's a whole lot more fun!
. But I bet you already knew that.


  1. Keith,
    Just Preachin' to the Choir,


  2. Cpa3485(Jim),

    I did a similar cost comparison awhile ago and came up with pretty much same's really about the enjoyment because the money savings isn't quite what we'd like.....Gas savings? Sure!


    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

    Redleg's Rides

  3. Dom,
    I have been very lucky that Max hasn't needed much work other than regular maintenance. And I have resisted buying lots of farkle. I still keep looking at catalogs though, and dreaming...


  4. And, I knew you were preaching to the choir :)

    I certainly haven't saved any money by adding a scooter to my life. Actually, I it has been just the opposite. That said, I still have decreased the amount of gasoline I use. This is important to me. I'm finding as I think of what the future might bring into my life ride wise that this is still important . . . and may present a significant challenge.


  5. Besides, no one will mistake you for a lesbian on the scooter.

  6. Interesting how the two wheeled folks always start justifying their choice by the savings on gas when we all know too well that comes down to the fun factor. 8,000 miles in 2 years is a good number, and I wish you and Max many more miles and smiles.

  7. I dont work out the fuel savings. I can survive just on the fun part! To me, it is the smile on my face that counts!!!

  8. Conch,
    Ahhh Yes, the dreaded lwesbians on scooters syndrome. How soon I forget.


  9. Sonja,
    I guess starting with the gas is the easiest place to start. And it is actually I first made the purchase. I really didn't anticipate the fun factor, nor the relationships developed online with bloggers.
    And thanks for poppin' by. I am guilty of always reading your blog, but not leaving many comments.


  10. Gary,
    The smiles are very real in spite of the looks on other people's faces when I pull up next to them at a light on a cold day. I still smile.
    BTW, I for the first time saw the British version of "Top Gear" last weekend. What a Hoot! Do you own any of those cars?


  11. You don't give yourself enough credit for the mileage. With smaller diameter wheels you have to apply a 1.5 crop factor!

  12. cpa3485:

    I see that Irondad has turned into a photo Guru, I would never have thought of that crop factor. So he is really saying that your 8,000 miles is really 12,000. miles due to your smaller wheels.

    Any gas savings we enjoy up here in BC is taken away by our exhorbitant Government insurance.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  13. Top Gear is one of the best TV shows ever made. It is hilarious!

  14. Dan and Bobskoot,
    Credit is all to you with the kind of riding I know you do. Me, just a mere apprentice in game of life.
    That said, the reduction may not be what you think it might be. Max has 16" wheels and, to me, feels a lot like a motorcycle except for the seating position and frame. I have ridden the ones with 10" and 12" wheels and the difference is huge.

    Have a happy new year!