Tuesday, May 25, 2010

River Festival Food Court

I am not sure I even want to know what "Taco in a Bag" is. It sounds ominous. It might be good, then again it might be something you just rent for awhile (if you catch my drift).

Quite a variety of offerings at this Food Court Vendor

We have this festival every year in May.It runs for 9 days with a parade, concerts, a big fireworks show, and of course, food. One of our favorite events is the Cajun Food Fest. A nice dinner of gumbo, red beans and rice is served up, along with some bread pudding. Later that night a local university jazz band entertains us.

This very nice young lady is presenting me with the infamous "Bayou Bonfire"

Various vendors serve food from tents near the downtown convention center. Some of the food is really good, some I would think twice about trying.

The blog author attempts to tame the beast known as the "Bayou Bonfire" The author said that he would rate it 5 stars out of 5, but then again he is not known for his culinary expertise.

The sandwich was essentially a spicy sausage thing with grilled onions, peppers and okra served in some pita bread.

Cathy, a long time co-worker joined me for lunch , but she opted for a reuben sandwich.

Cathy's reuben before it's eventual demise

Picnic tables are put up near the convention center and it is fun to people watch and try out the food. For people that work downtown, the fesitval gives us a chance to try out some food that is different from the local downtown eateries.

This is the infamous chicken on a stick. This was a sort of sneaky picture of the food purchased by someone sitting near us. No food rating available, but it looked good.
The festival is mostly outdoors and sometimes the weather gets a bit iffy. They are discussing doing the festival in June next year in hope of better weather and other reasons. We actually had tornado warnings on two of the days this year. Oh well, this is Kansas.
There was a seemingly new culinary creation offered up by one of the vendors this year, "Chocolate Bacon". Yeah, you read that right.
Chocolate bacon is exactly as named. Too bad it isn't worth a damn, but we felt obligated to try it. I suppose in some societies, maybe Canada, it is considered a delicacy.
We felt a bit timid, not bodacious enough to try this vendor's food
You can get almost all things barbecue here, and its all good, but this vendor is famous for their turkey legs. They seem to be quite popular.
There seemed to be some controversy about the price of the turkey legs this year. Inflationary prices seemed to be greater than the change in the consumer price index. Politicians were blamed.
This is the booth where chicken on a stick comes from. It's essentially a teriyaki seasoned piece of breast meat skewered by a wooden stick .
For some reason, whenever the river festival occurs, the funnel cakes come out. The popularity of this so-called "food" escapes me a bit. It's essentially fried pancake batter with various options for sugary fruity toppings. Mucho calories. I've had one before, but it is best shared with friends and family so you don't eat too much of it. Probably very profitable for vendors as I imagine the ingredients cost just a few cents and sell for $3 or so.
The source of funnel cakes for humanity. Afraid to ask how big the family size one is, or for that matter, why you would need one. .
The theme for the festival was sort of "pirate" related. At one of the souvenier shops Cathy tried on a pirate patch.
Cathy's attempt at being a pirate,
Arrghh .
Not to be outdone, the blog author tries on a hat.
I am not known for wearing hats, much less those with fur on top
This button ($5) grants you admission to all of the river festival activities. It is a major portion of the funding for the events. Button police will roam the areas looking for people without the proper credentials and be glad to fix you up with the proper button.

I like to hide my button under my jacket, then "whip it out" when asked for proof of my contribution to the festival

. Near the souvenier stand we ran across this rather large box with unusual lettering.
Wondering what the other side of the box says .
So we walked around to the other side to see.
Man, that's a lot of instructions .
People watching can be enjoyable. There was a little bluegrass concert going on near the food court. And a juggler.
Juggling balls at the food court
Cathy gets her picture taken with Admiral Windwagon Smith, the ceremonial host of the festival .
Not to be outdone the author gets his picture too.
The blog author and the admiral. (I didn't let him put his arm around me). His uniform is made by a company here in Wichita that manufactures band uniforms for schools all over the known universe.
At the Cajun Food Fest, my son (right) and Cathy's husband (left)are entertained by a crustacean.
Crawdad? Lobster? I'm not sure, but you don't see this kind of thing everyday .
A concern I have about the future of humanity is the apparent proliferation of pink crocs. This crustacean had a faded red pair on. Not exactly pink, but worrisome.
Crocs, everywhere you go. Oh the calamity


  1. cpa3485:

    Food, Food everywhere. Just my kind of festival. You should have taken a bite of that chicken on a stick. You are a Rebel for taunting the button police.

    there's hope for you yet as the PINK crocs are slowly invading Kansas. Surely you will get the hint soon

    Wet Coast Scootin

  2. Why was it when reading this post was I reminded a lot of Bobscoot? Oh yes, food….. and then I got to the bit about the crocs….. deja vu really.

    It seems like a really good day out – nice weather, friends, silly costumes, pirate hats, mystery boxes, chocolate bacon….. (whoa, chocolate bacon?!?!?!?!)

  3. Bobskoot,
    I still have my eyes open for just the right opportunity for pink crocs. But size 4 didn't work. I'll keep trying.
    And what should I have said to the lady with the chicken on the stick. "Do you mind me taking a picture of your food? and by the way, can I try a bite as well?" I think I would have been arrested.
    Thanks for coming by and harassing me.


  4. Gary,
    Whoa is right! There is a donut shop here that sells a maple bacon donut. Sounds wierd, but actually fairly tasty. We just had to try the chocolate bacon, but quickly regretted it. Oh well. Live and learn. If you happen by Wichita on your trek across the country, I'll see if I can find the recipe, but don't think you will be impressed.
    Thanks for the visit,


  5. The chocolate bacon looks like something my dog extruded this morning so I guess it has to be a speciality from Canada. By the way my pink crocs are taking off in a way that tricorns never will as long as you are modelling them. You look a right dork in a furry hat and make no mistake aboyt that me hearty.
    By the way any colleague who goes for a pathetic ruben when cajun food is on offer needs to walk a plank, and in a hurry.

  6. Conch,
    My colleague needs to be defended. The Cajun dinner was on Thursday night, some of these pics were from lunch on Tuesday. And, BTW, she is of German heritage and loves "reubens" (not ruben as you so pitifully spelled it). She had 3 of them during the festival.

    Personally, I can't stand "reubens" because of the kraut, not because it's German, but because it is grotesque to me. However that speaks poorly for my opinion of German things such as BMW's and VW's although I have owned the 4 wheeled versions of each in the past. They were fun and a pain in the ass at the same time. But for a displaced Italian like yourself, how would you know better how to spell something German? And who really cares.

    But you are spot on about 2 things,
    1) I am definately a dork &
    2) the chocolate bacon didn't look any more appetizing than in the picture.

    I agree, reubens are pathetic, but each person has to live by their own calling. We may both be tachometer challenged, but we love what we have. To heck with supposed German Superiority. That ought to get a rise out of someone we know.


  7. cpa3485:

    don't look at me ! I don't own a K75 and I don't like REUBENS either, mainly because of the saurkraut (sp: sourkraut ?) not that anyone has mentioned it but this goes for corned beef sandwiches too (too much saurkraut). James, we are so alike. I used to have a BMW 2002 and a few VW's: Beetle, Rabbit Cabriolet and a Westfalia. and also a Canadian Subaru, after all, what else would they sell in Canada. And all had a tach, except for the beetle and Westfalia.

    ps: You don't look like a dork. Did Ms Cpa give permission for you to wine and dine, Cathy ?

    Wet Coast Scootin

  8. Bob,
    Cathy says to tell you there was no wine and she paid for her own reubens.!!

    Actually she has worked us for many years, my wife and her are excellent friends.

    And I am too a Dork!

  9. cpa3485:

    conspiracy I tell you with Mrs Cpa planting all her friends in your office to "keep an eye" on you without you knowing.

    Okay, you win, "you are a dork"

    Wet Coast Scootin

  10. Dear CPA3485:

    The love of sauerkraut, and a healthy respect for precision German motorcycles (complete with a tach), is a blessing bestowed by a beneficient Irish God. I suggest you fall to your knees and beg for his mercy.

    Even the Koreans have their own garlicy version of sauerkraut, known as kim chee. It is a poor substitute. Here, on the edge of Lancaster County, Pa, the Amish fill crocks with shredded cabbage and other mystical things, bury them, and dig them up when the contents have been converted to the ultimate culinary experience.

    While Bob Skoot is quick to point out the shortcomings of the Teutonic marque, he wastes no time trotting around behind some sweet thing, mooning over her "vastly superior German ride."

    Jimbo, God does not subtract the time from a man's life during which he wears a stupid hat. Go back and get the fur-trimmed tri-corner. Then get the letters "KMA CS" embroidered on it. This is a secret code. I will explain it to you later.

    Please buy me the lobster suit. Cost is no object, as I have no money. I want to ride around Key West in that lobster suit on my K75, wearing a sign that says, "Nothing tastes like fresh lobster... Eat me." When walking down Duval Street with CS, I will wear a tee-shirt over the lobster suit that reads, "I'm with Mr. Tachless."

    Now, I think you should come to Key West with me. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime epic ride for you, but I am willing to go 50 miles oit of my way and meet you in West Virginia. We will ride down to Key West together, but only if you will wear a "Windwagon Willie" outfit, and sing songs from the Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts' Club Band album. I will wear the lobster suit. We will tell everyone that you are "Baravelli" the Italian spy, and that I am Ciccolini — both cousins of Michael Beatti.

    Just say "Yes."

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad

  11. I just love food festivals. I usually run out of stomach long before I have tried all the foods which catch my eye. I lived in the KC area for years and never heard of Wichita's fest, too bad, it looks like fun.
    I keep meaning to take more pictures of food, but I usually remember about the time I take the last bite.

    Inthe desertscootin'

  12. cpa3485:

    what a, shall I say, co-incidence. I am also cousin of Michael Beattie who resides at mile marker 27. and I also want a lobster suit, cost is no object, I too have no money.

    gratzie bobolini
    Wet Coast Scootin

  13. I love reubens. If that separates me from Conch, so much the better. Although I am distressed to find it links me to Jack.

    Why the sudden letting down of your hair to be in the photos? Unusual for you. I have to agree, your lowered inhibitions will surely lead to pink crocs. You have my deepest sympathy.

  14. Jack,
    In spite of your air of superiority because of your pride in your German bike, I still like you. I thought that code on the hat would drive me crazy for a bit, but I think I figured it out and Conch won't be pleased, LOL.
    The ride to Key West would be epic and a lot of fun, but I have 2 concerns.
    1) Max is not capable of triple digits in speed, so don't wish to hold you up and
    2) That uniform is heavy wool and would not be great to ride in unless the weather was really cool. I wore that company's uniforms in high school and college when I was a member of various marching bands.

    And I still don't like kraut, even the Korean kind.


  15. Jack and Bobskoot,
    I'll have to check on the lobster outfit. Maybe there is a dress pattern you guys can sew together. Believe me though, it wasn't a fancy suit. Not near the quality of the Admiral's uniform.
    I'll keep you updated.

  16. Howard,
    The food is really only a small portion of the festival and the festival has been around since the 70's or so. Of course, if you like buying food from a tent, then it's the place to be. LOL
    They used to have raft races and antique bathtub races until they decided tat the water quality in the river was not all it should have been. There is stuff going on each day though and it is sort of fun.
    Thanks for visiting

  17. Dan
    My opinion of you has just suffered with the knowledge that you like reubens. I'll be wary from now on.
    And maybe the inhibitions are a bit lowered. I fugure if Jack can show himself, I can too. I usually take such crappy pictures of myself.