Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Leaves

After my recent trip to Topeka, I must admit that I didn't ride for almost a week. We had bad weather a couple of days, but mostly I just felt a bit lazy.
I tried to get a lot of fall color pictures on the trip, but was only partially successful. I missed the real changes by about a week.
So on Sunday morning I went out and got a few more pictures. These are from College Hill Park. There's not much of a hill there, but it is a beautiful park.
Mt wife was busy making swedish meatballs for Sunday lunch. The kids and boyfriend were coming over to eat and watch a little football. I was not needed (wanted) in the kitchen, so I took a few minutes to go for a ride and get a few pictures that I wanted.
A couple of people enjoying a snack on the bridge.
And another fellow with a dog near the tennis courts.
The residences in this area are highly sought after and a bit expensive. But how nice would it be to live next to a park like this.
Not a lot of color in this picture, I just liked the trees.
This one is of a river birch at our house.
And looking down our street.
And a final one back near the park. Max obeys all traffic signs.


  1. good pics! I too missed the prime period for taking pictures of Fall leaves this year.....

  2. Dear CPA3485 (Jimbo):

    You are having a far more protracted fall than we are down here (south eastern Pennsylvania). Days of heavy rain have stripped most of the leaves off the trees, many before their time. In some places, trees are half bare despite having shades of green, gold, and red altogether.

    I took a 212 mile loop the other night, in jeans, a ballistic jacket (without the lining), and a long-sleeve shirt. The temp was 43º when I got back, and I was chilly. (I may have neglected to say I was routinely hitting 90 mph too.)

    Nice pictures. Are you still meeting with your club? I haven't heard much about them for a while.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  3. Charlie6,
    There have been such nice pictures of the change in seasons on other blogs. I, for some reason, felty obligated to post some of my own. They are probably pretty ordinary pictures, but it was a beautiful Fall day when I took these. It was nice to get out for a bit, ride and take a few pics.
    Thanks for the kind comment,

  4. JackBoy,
    As I am writing this, our big ash tree in the back yard has lost all of its leaves. The river birch in the front yard has lost about 50% of its leaves. But we have 2 red maples in the front yard also that were later than almost every tree in the neighborhood to even turn color. They are a very deep reddish brown now and gorgeous, even though many other trees are further along in changing color and losing leaves.
    WRT the scooter club:
    We are now sort of officially known as the "Wichita Twisters". I missed out October ride, but we had another on November 1st and a blog post is scheduled for Nov 15 for that. It was a really unusual outing for us. You will see what I mean.
    I can imagine that a wind chill at 90 mph is much more than a wind chill at 65 mph. Warming back up with a rum and coke or hot chocolate would be imperitive.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  5. I swear, Honey, I'm only going riding to document the fall leaf color changes. I have no intention of actually enjoying the ride. I just owe it to my readers.

    My, have we become a sad lot!

  6. cpa3485:

    We don't have fall colours up here unless you count dreary green/grey or yellow leaves. Didn't know that Kansas had trees

    Tsk, Tsk, NO rum please while riding. The hot chocolate is OKay

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  7. The colors of the trees are eclipsed by the colors of the helmet.

  8. Dan,
    My wife doesn't like for me to cook much. It's probably a good thing. But I really wasn't going to be late getting back and miss those swedish meatballs.. Yum Yum!
    And yes, the readers will suffer!!

  9. Bobskoot,
    There is nothing that Kansas doesn't have. (except mountains) Virtually everything else is on the list.
    And only rum after riding, never before!

  10. Conch,
    That helmet is pretty awesome, isn't it. Bet you wish you had one.

  11. Beautiful, Jim! I thought the variety of trees, both colorful and evergreen, was fantastic, and reminded me a bit of Washington State, although we are more on the evergreen end of the spectrum.

  12. Lance,
    Thanks for the compliment. Washington is beautiful also. Have a bro in law that lives near Washougal. It's very nice there.