Thursday, August 13, 2009

Storm Trooper

My journey to the dark side may now be complete. I ordered it Sunday morning through my phone to one of my favorite web sites dealing with motorcycle apparel and products. New Enough Ltd. I have ordered other products from their site and like it because they give very detailed descriptions of the products they sell. It can be very helpful, especially with size issues that you can encounter with ordering products from the internet. They also seem to have some really good closeout deals at times and this purchase was one of those. Being an accountant, I am known for being cheap. I like a good deal and this appeared to be one. Monday morning I promptly received an email confirming the order and a notice that it had been shipped with an anticipated delivery on Wednesday. The email also gave me tracking info for the Fed Ex site so I could check on the progress. Not really necessary, but kind of fun. It was like Christmas in August. I was replacing my helmet that was slightly damaged in my recent accident. This helmet was not my first choice, but my first choice was over $300 and that wasn't in the current budget. I was able to get this one for about 1/3 the price. And it had pretty good reviews from another web site that Sharon of Sojourner's Moto Tales had turned me on to recently. She has a new Scorpion helmet as well. I was really excited about the purchase. I occasionally tracked the status of the shipment and all appeared to be in order for delivery on Wednesday.
But at 7:00 on Wednesday evening, it still had not shown up at the house.
I wondered If the Grinch had suddenly appeared out of nowhere to rob all the presents from that particular Fed Ex truck.
Then at about 8:00 the doorbell rang signifying that there was justice in the world, Christmas had been saved, and that my precious shipment had arrived.
It came in a plain brown box. The helmet box fit neatly inside. I had also ordered another lens and it was packed carefully in the box as well.
Now, with these closeout prices, sometimes you have to deal with size availability issues as well as styles and colors that might not be your first preference.
I was originally looking for just a plain silver or white helmet. I am really not into wild colors and patterns. But with the savings involved, I could put up with a little bit of obnoxiousness.
Plus I sure don't mind that this helmet is probably fairly visible to cage drivers, my new mortal enemy.
I was pleased that it seemed to fit very nicely the first time I tried it on.
So what do you think?
Will I look like a Storm Trooper?
Is Darth Vader really my father?
Am I too old to be a Storm Trooper?
Will the eternal balance in "The Force" be altered when I put the helmet on?
There are just so many questions!
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  1. I just hope you've got clothes to match! :-)

  2. Jim cpa3485:

    I thought I mis-read your title at first. I was reading STROMtrooper, not STORMtrooper. Now you need the full leather racing suit to match, with full tinted screen and ski boots to complete the outfit. When cagers see you riding they won't mess with you anymore.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. Mad Dog,
    and btw I like the name,
    It will match the scooter better than the armor I have which is mesh silver and black. They had a blue color for the armor outfit, but it was a pale blue and not to my liking.
    So clash I will !!!
    May the Force be with us.

  4. Bobskoot,
    I should be relatively LOUD. Not into leather myself and my mesh gear is adaptable, because of liners, to multiple weather conditions. And my other lens is a light smoke color, not real dark, but hopefully I can still look at women I pass by and ogle them without them knowing it, LOL.
    Take care and thanks for stopping by.

  5. I like'd go really nice with a motorcycle with the blue and white roundel.....just saying!

  6. Yes in answer to all questions. Cagers don't see bright colors. It's a myth. If they did they would see bright headlights but they don't see what they aren't looking for and high viz gives newbies unmerited confidence. You see cagers and you avoid them when possible and take a dive when not. You see bright colors because you are a motorcyclist and looking for fellow enthusiasts when you are stuck in your cage looking outside.

  7. Jim, I like the helmet. One is never too old to be a Storm Trooper!