Monday, June 28, 2010

That Fuzzy Thing

Have you ever had that little itch somewhere on your face or head where you can't reach it to scratch it because you have your helmet on? Sure you have! Well it happened to me again recently. It was on my right cheek and I thought it would just go away. It didn't and when I stopped at the next stop light I popped up the visor, took a glove off, reached in and gave my cheek a quick scratch. Ahhh, Relief! But a little ways down the street the itch came back, but this time closer to the right side of my nose. I could barely see that it was a white object with what felt like a long piece of hair attached to it. I could only partially see it, but it felt like it was tickling the entire right side of my face. It was really starting to drive me crazy. For a moment I thought I might have to stop the scooter and remove my helmet to get it out. At the next stop light though, I repeated my earlier treatment and was able to get it out of my helmet. I am still not sure exactly what it was, but it was like a piece of stuffing that you might find in a pillow, or one of those fuzzball things that come off cottonwood trees. How it got in my helmet, I'm not sure. Doesn't matter now either. But for a few minutes there.........

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