Monday, November 19, 2012

Something I Have Been Eyeing, (Just For Fun)

I think this is a pretty cool looking bike.

750cc is a nice size, Don'tcha Think?

The 2013 V7 Stone

Courtesy of the Moto Guzzi Website
Drool, Drool?
Ride On and Carpe Diem, my friends


  1. You betcha! It's beautiful. I sat on it when I visited the INTERMOT motorcycle show in Germany, and instantly wanted one. The flat black looks cool, too.

  2. Jimbo:

    what are you waiting for ? You know you want one !

    Remember . . . no regrets, you only come this way once

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  3. I haven't seen one in person yet, so I'm very jealous Sonja, Extremely Jealous!

    But there is a Moto Guzzi dealer here in town, just might have to stop by someday.

    (But just for fun)


    (Most Likely)

    (Sort of)

    (Gettin' myself into trouble already)

  4. Dear Jimbo:

    The Moto Guzzi is basically a BMW R-Bike in a higher plane. I came across one outside a diner and was stunned by the bike's clean elegance. The people I know who ride them swear by them. Then again, I know a lot of BMW riders who swear too. The problem with any exotic metric bike, however, s the dealership network.

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Twisted Roads

  5. Go get it! Love the Guzzi's.

  6. Missed this post somehow. Oh well, better late than...

    Yep, I'd say you've more than slipped into the trouble zone :)