Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I wish I would have....

The early morning television weatherman said it was about 40 degrees at 6:30 am when I got up to feed the dogs.

The "Weatherbug" app on my iPhone said it was 42 degrees when I arrived at work (about 8:30am). Not unbearably cold at all, but probably the coldest ride in to downtown Wichita that I had experienced yet this Fall.

I wish I had gotten out the warmer gloves. No, dummy me, I still had the Aerostich Hot Weather Vegans in the top case. I know where my other gloves are, but just didn't take the time to dig them out. My summer gloves are mightily perforated and not worth a damn in cold weather, but, well you know, they are my favorite gloves, and....  Not to worry, fingers a little cool when I arrived downtown, but tolerable for a 15 minute ride.

I wish that I had grabbed my balaclava on the way out the door. Oh, it wasn't bad, but my neck got chilly on the way in. I had at least remembered to close up the vents on my helmet after the last time I had ridden. Gotta be proud of myself for that. I actually have a new (last year) balaclava that I haven't yet worn while riding. I'm not actually sure it will fit because my helmet fits pretty tightly. But it would definitely keep my neck warmer. I have another older balaclava that I have ridden with many times. It is nylon and fits fine in the helmet, but it's sort of an obnoxious blue/purple color. Just not the image I want to convey. Oh, the vanity of it all.

I didn't put the heavy liner in my pants, and I can't really say I wish I had. I was plenty warm in the leg department. If it had been a longer ride, I would have put the liner in.

I also didn't put the heavy liner in my denim jacket, nor, again, would I have wished that I had done so. Just didn't need it. Again, though, if it had been a longer ride......

I had my boots on. My laptop was bungeed to the seat in front of the topcase, but just behind my butt as I rode. Nothing on the "Man Bag Hook", but plan to stop by a couple of stores on the way home this evening for a few groceries. Will need the hook then.

I think Max likes running in cooler weather. He started and ran flawlessly, without a hitch, like he usually does.

Expecting the temperature to be in the upper 60's for the ride home. Ought to be a glorious experience.

I wish every day could be like today!
Ride on, and Carpe Diem, my friends,


  1. I wish that I put in the effort last summer to figure out why the heated grips stopped working last May. Oh well, I don't have a long commute. I was just happy that the roads were dry last night as it was well below freezing this morning.

    Nice ending to the post. Hope your day continues as nice as it started.

  2. Richard, I suppose a day like mine, temperature-wise, might seem pretty nice. I am very lucky to be able to continue riding even into the colder months. I'm sorry that riding for you is impractical for part of the year. It would disappoint me.
    Tomorrow looks similar to today except for a chance if rain later in the day. I'm hoping that the rain holds off.

  3. Yesterday when I rode to Ft. Davidson I was surprised every time I stopped how many people asked me if I was cold. It was in the 50'sF and I was dressed plenty warm, my hands didn't even get cold. Now, a couple of years ago I would have. Experience is a wonderful thing. That said, last Sunday when I was riding and it was in the 30'sF, I was wishing I had heated grips on the Kymco. My fingers got more than a wee bit coldish.

    I don't have a balaclava, but I do have a Freeze-Out neck guard and a FogEvader. That's worked pretty well.

    It's just the best time to ride! Keep going.

  4. Keith,
    I admit to a lot of experimenting with outfits and clothing when riding in cold weather. I have been very cold at times and very toasty at other times. Layering seems to work well with me. And then there are those really stinging fingers when it is really cold. A time when we need the heated grips like Richard mentions. The fingers are the first thing to go, for me, when it is really cold.


    1. I was talked into a heated jacket liner recently and I'm surprised at the difference it makes. When using it, even my hands warm up. Maybe more circulation as my arms are toasty warm. This morning was a chilly 17F but still had warm hands.

  5. Richard,
    17 degrees is still pretty ambitious. I've done that. I have thought much about heated gear, but the electrics on my scoot aren't really designed to support it very well. It might work, but I have resisted trying to set it up so far. My dream one day is to have a bit bigger bike with a little more electrical capacity so that heated gear is a better possibility. I really don't mind the cold weather that much. It certainly keeps you awake. :)

  6. Dear Jimbo:

    I wish I had exercised regularly throughout my thirties and forties.

    I wish I had written for television ass soon as I got out of school.

    I wish I had been worthy of that first brunette when I was 20.

    And I wish I'd understood the undercurrent of the present economy. But other than those things! I just autographed and mailed your book. Thanks for your support for my writing.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads