Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I thought I left it at ......

I've been known to leave Max's keys in the ignition switch on Max overnight while he sits in the garage.

I guess you could accuse me of being absent minded sometimes. Or maybe I am just sleepy first thing in the morning. Or maybe I am just getting to that age where memories are harder to come by or retain. Or maybe it is because of all the lab rat drugs I now take. Lots of potential excuses.

This morning, though, I found myself wondering what the heck I did with my little bag that I have been using to transport my shoes to and from work when I am riding.

For a long time, in my hardcore commuting days,  I used to leave my dress shoes at the office all the time. That way I could take off my boots when I get to work and just slip on the dress shoes. Since I have started riding again, I have just been taking the shoes in a bag each day. 

This morning as I was getting my gear on for the ride to work I realized that my shoe bag wasn't where it normally was. Was I worried? No!

I just thought I probably left it on the purse hook on the scooter overnight in the garage. After all, what harm is there in that?

Well, space cadet me, (sleepyhead) , I didn't realize until I was parking the scooter at the office that the silly bag wasn't on the purse hook. Was I worried? No!

I just thought that it would be okay to wear the boots all day long. Maybe not quite the fashion statement, but who cares.

So then I walk into the office, and there on my table is my bag that I had never even taken home the night before. Was I worried? No! (Well, yes, maybe a little.) (Maybe I am "losing it"?)

Ahhh,    Who Cares!

By the way, I am aiming to ride to work every day this week. Will be the first time in well over a year. The weather forecast is fantastic for the week. I'm not like Keith, I hate riding in the rain. (It's not the rain that bugs me, so much as the lightning.)

Two days of commuting are down, three to go.


  1. Jimbo/cpa3485:

    Yep, you're losing it !

    I just leave a pair of slip ons at work. It is easier than having to lug stuff back and forth every day. I also have extra socks too, just in case yours get wet on the way.

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  2. Forgetting something at home (or office) is just another reason for a ride during lunch...

  3. I'm not at all fond of lightning, but...I have to get to work.

    I, too, have a pair of shoes that live at the office. And, I have an extra pair of socks. I was reading bob's comment and I'm impressed that he takes an extra pair of socks to work, just in case your socks get wet. Now that is solidarity...or, perhaps I read it wrong :)

    Great weather here as well. High in the 70's and lows in the 50's. I'm in heaven.

    Stay dry and . . . I don't remember what else I was going to say :)

  4. Bobskoot,
    Extra socks! How kinky!

  5. Richard,
    I like that logic. I aspire to that concept completely!

  6. Keith,
    Solidarity! Commuters of the World Unite!
    I say, if you have socks and shoes at work, then you might be considered practical and kinky. An excellent combination.
    BTW, the weather has been fantastic. The spring heat wave has backed off a bit and it seems more like spring.
    I saw a guy on a Symba yesterday. He looked like he was having a blast.


  7. Jim, the older we get, the more we.... Umm .... Forget.